What happened to the NY Times - Former Bastion of Investigative Journalism?

After the growth of the Internet, print media including the NY Times struggled financially. Today, the NY Times is supported largely by pharmaceutical advertising, and offers blatant propaganda pieces on Covid rather than investigative journalism. That may NOT bode well for its reputation and future profit margins.
The NY Times latest May 16, 2022 Covid article: How Australia Saved Thousands of Lives While Covid Killed a Million Americans is a prime example of misleading and false claims.

The NY Times attributes Australia’s Covid death rate being one-tenth of America’s to:

Australia restricted travel and personal interaction until vaccinations were widely available, then maximized vaccine uptake” … trust, in science and institutions … change their behavior for the common good to combat Covid, by reducing their movements, wearing masks and getting vaccinated. ... Australians who all lined up to get tested, who wore masks without question" like Australia did, then "900,000 [US] lives would have been saved ... Australia’s case numbers soaring, but with most of the population inoculated, deaths are ticking up more slowly

Here is a list of *some* facts the NY Times neglected to mention.  Although, Australians were lucky enough to avoid the first wave of the virulent SARS-CoV-2 variants in 2020 prior to Covid "vaccination" roll out:
  1. Australia has a much warmer climate than the US and the SARS-CoV-2 spreads when the temperature goes below about 50 F, or, when people use air conditioning in summer, which both cause people to spend more time indoors with windows and doors closed;
  2. Covid "vaccines" weaken the human immune system making it *more* likely for a "vaccinated" person to catch Covid after being vaccinated.  Covid deaths in Australia’s aged care homes so far in 2022 were double the number in all of 2020pre vaccine rollout  ​The latest government report shows 1,418 Covid deaths have been reported by aged care providers so far in 2022, accounting for about one in four of all Covid deaths in Australia. That dwarfs the 686 deaths in aged care in 2020 and 231 deaths in 2021;
  3. Australia did not, as the US did, redefine the word "vaccinated" for statistical reporting to mean only persons who were MORE than 2 weeks after their 1st shot of Jannsen or 2nd shot of an mRNA vaccine to inflate claims of "Covid deaths" of the "Unvaccinated";
  4. Australia's Covid-19 "vaccine" rollouts began during its southern hemisphere summer months; the "vaccine" rollout in the US began during winter months, coinciding with respiratory illness season;
  5. Australia did *not*, as the US Congress did under the PREP Act, pass laws giving hospitals legal and financial incentives to label deaths "Covid deaths", made possible by simply ramping up the Ct cycles on PCR tests to create false positives;
  6. Australia did *not*, as the US did, pass laws giving hospitals legal and financial incentives to cause multiple organ failure and death by using poisonous remdesivir for all its hospitalized "Covid cases";
  7. Australia did *not* effectively ban the use of safe and effective Covid treatments like hydroxychloroquine, although in May 2020 the Australian TGA strongly discouraged its use based on fraudulent studies and US FDA false claims. Australia did not, as the US did, require hospitals to follow the US CDC's harmful hospital protocols in order to receive immunity from liability and Medicare funding. However, the TGA did ban ivermectin use by general practitioners and doctors in training practice on September 2021, allowing specialists to prescribe it;
  8. Australia did *not*, as the US did, fire doctors from hospitals and remove the medical licenses of medical practitioners who were refusing to cause harm and deaths by using remdesivir and ventilator intubation because those doctors were saving patients' lives by using safe and effective repurposed drugs  See http://www.kathydopp.info/COVIDinfo/HospitalsFiringStaff
  9. Australia's Covid death rate *increased* in 2021 and 2022 after it began Covid vaccinations, just as Covid death rates increased in the United States and in most countries post vaccine rollouts. See http://www.kathydopp.info/COVIDinfo/Vaccines/COVIDdeathRateIncrease2021
  10. Australia's all-cause death rate *increased* substantially in 2021 and 2022, just as it did in the US, after Covid vaccination rollout, especially in 3 areas where mRNA and DNA shots are known to cause harm from the spike pathogen they cause human cells to make with no off switch, namely cancer deaths, diabetes deaths, and dementia deaths. See https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/health/causes-death/provisional-mortality-statistics/latest-release
  11. Just as in the US, many Australians were coerced to accept the experimental Covid "vaccines" because their jobs and rights to participate in commerce and to peaceably assemble were brutally restricted if they did not, and because they were told the "vaccines" were "safe and effective", would "stop the spread", and that their lives could get back to normal and their human rights to freedom of movement, commerce, and to peaceably assemble, which had all been illegally denied, would be restored only after they were "vaccinated";
  12. Just like in the US, vaccination centers popped up everywhere driven by MONEY. Payments way above market rates were being offered to doctors and nurses to give the vaccines. Payments were offered to venues (that were otherwise locked down) to host vaccination centers.
It seems bizarre that the NY Times is still pushing out Covid policy recommendations that are destroying the US economic well-being and supply chains, and that have been eviscerating the health of US citizens, sacrificing our children and eviscerating US military, aviation, economic, healthcare, and education systems.  What happened to one of the formerly best investigative journalism outlets in the United States?  Are the pharmaceutical advertising dollars today really worth all the destructive US policies the NY Times is promoting?
Resources to Support all of the items above may be found by searching http://www.kathydopp.info/COVIDinfo/


The NY Times accurately stated the reported Australian Covid death rate of 299.18 per million persons  is 1/tenth of the US reported Covid death rate of 3068.12 per million persons, but never investigated to find the real reasons why that is true such as climate and all the fraud around "vaccinated" versus "unvaccinated" and PCR test cycles going on here in the US  thanks to our federal funding and legal incentives for anything called a Covid case or death and US hospitals being coerced and enticed via money and legal incentives to kill Covid hospitalized patients.  The US government between the FDA/CDC and the US Congress is far better at fabricating and then killing "Covid" persons here, and firing or threatening the license of any medical doctor who doesn't go along and saves lives instead.
The NY Times misattributed the reasons for Australia's lower Covid death rate to Australia's harmful lockdowns, travel bans, face masks, and business closures.  According to the NY Times, US citizens are simply not obedient and compliant enough and don't care about our neighbors enough. According to the NY Times, the US Covid death rate has nothing to do with the murderous US CDC/FDA/hospital protocols that the US President and Congress decided would be a good idea to enforce in order to eviscerate hospitals of good doctors and have hospitals cause the deaths of lots of people by deciding the CDC/FDA should decree all medical decisions for all people with the sole goal of enriching themselves as pharma patent investors, and the vaccine manufacturers, and morticians by causing current deaths and future illnesses, which they plan to have an artificial intelligence robot prescribe lucrative medicines for.  All this was funded at the expense of future US citizens by putting the US into gargantuan debts to China, so perhaps we can all be locked into high rises without food, have our pets taken and killed, and starved if we don't behave ourselves some day.  Lovely future the NY Times is supporting for humanity here in the US isn't it?
PS. The next day, the NY Times reported on long Covid with NOT ONE mention of the fact that the Covid "vaccinated" are coming down now with long Covid in droves -- NO mention of the vaccine status of those persons now developing long Covid, which is a viral infection of the gut bacteria creating bacteriophages that are self-replicating and difficult to treat, requiring perhaps alternating combination of the right types of probiotics, anti-virals, and immune boosting substances that the same doctors who were fired from hospitals because they refused to kill patients with CDC's remdesivir/intubation protocols are now today figuring out how to prevent and solve.  THE BIGGEST PREVENTATIVE STEP FOR LONG COVID IS: DO NOT GET ANY COVID "VACCINES" OR BOOSTERS.  The scientific mechanisms of action for why the Covid "vaccinated" are getting persistent gut bacteriophages -- self-replicating virus-infected bacteria that destroy their formerly healthy crucially important gut microbiome could be explained by the experts that the NY Times refuses to interview or to ask questions because that would go against the pharmaceutical narrative of their advertisers.  See  NY Times New insights into long Covid  A major new study released today has yielded some striking findings about long Covid and its serious impact.  Researchers analyzed the largest database of private health insurance claims in the U.S. The study found that 78,252 patients were diagnosed with the medical diagnostic code for long Covid from October 2021 through January 2022.