Were Omicron Variants BA1 and BA2 Man-made to Overcome Vaccinal Antibodies?

6 April 2022. Experts say there’s evidence omicron variant may have come from a lab.  ‘[S]ome scientists examining the virus have concluded “vast” genetic mutations that likely occurred in a lab setting are what makes Omicron spread so quickly,’ investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson reported.

Just when the Narrative is Collapsing, will the New Variant BA.2 ruin the party? A look at Omicron's cousin

The Omicron Hypothesis, Part 4  By Mathew Crawford

  • Hypothesis 1: Omicron has been circulating widely for at least several months.
  • Hypothesis 2: Omicron was genetically engineered—most likely by somebody in the same working group who engineered an mRNA vaccine to stop SARS-CoV-2.
  • Hypothesis 3: Omicron did not emerge from the phylogenetic tree whose root is the first-sequenced Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 strain.
  • Hypothesis 4: Omicron is already endemic among a broad array of mammalian species.
  • Hypothesis 5: A large portion of previously recorded CLI, if not all, were actually cases of omicron infection.
  • Hypothesis 6: The "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" story was pure fabrication and there is no need for unsurveilled omicron to fill in the gaps. The CDC data reports are simply fraudulent.
  • Hypothesis 7: The Greatest Crime Hypothesis. Omicron, SARS-CoV-2, and the COVID-19 vaccines were designed together as a toolset for establishing control.

The Omicron Hypothesis, Part 3

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The Omicron Hypothesis, Part 1

How Mild is Omicron? And how effectively are the vaccines holding up against it?

This Week In COVID: Stop Assuming It’s Omicron 2 of 3. Dec 29, 2021. Walensky, Biden, ‘the Puppy Killer’ Tony Fauci, Bill Gates…all people who stand to pathologically profit from the fear of Omicron…all of them are telling us that the unvaccinated shouldn’t go to church, or go to be with family to open presents, and we should all be alone at the holidays for dinner…

  • On December 18, 2021, the CDC claimed that 73.2% of all US COVID cases were Omicron but made this claim with only 0.00028% of positive COVID samples (1 By CDC, 4 In Total) having undergone genomic sequencing to confirm that the B.1.1.529 Omicron variant was in circulation in the US.
  • By December 24, 2021, the CDC had confirmed 3 cases of Omicron in the US and various US Health Departments had confirmed 3 more, for a grand total of 6 confirmed Omicron cases in the US according to the gold-standard for testing that is genomic sequencing. This out of more than 1.5 million samples that have undergone genomic sequencing, of which over 1 million have been performed by the CDC. 
  • Joseph Biden’s new war on COVID and against the unvaccinated and healthy…Joeseph’s new war that he launched on Dec 21st…Joseph’s new war spending that gets added to the more than 1.9 Trillion already spent this year and that costs more than the entire New Deal did for President Roosevelt…[drumroll] Joseph’s new war was based upon exactly 1 confirmed case of B.1.1.529 Omicron by the CDC, before he committed billions of dollars from the American taxpayer.
  • When someone lies to you for Omicron, especially for profit, perhaps the best policy we can have is to believe them the first time, or second time, or third time (Alpha, Beta, Delta)?

This Week In COVID: Stop Assuming It’s Omicron 1 of 3. by Dr. Henry Ealy | Dec 27, 2021 | Healthcare, Politics Current COVID PCR Testing authorized by the FDA and promoted by the CDC has been a gigantic guessing game since the very beginning when the CDC outsourced and adopted how cases would be defined from the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists on April 14, 2020…let that sink in. So, what helps a doctor get to a definitive diagnosis? 

  • The Problems With PCR
  • How COVID Testing Should Have Been Done
  • Is The CDC Lying Yet Again?