A Picture the COVID Vaccinated need to Study

The following crucial image should be carefully observed by all the vaccinated who are refusing to associate with the unvaccinated out of fear of the virus (because they know their own vaccines do not protect them but inexplicably want everyone else to get the same ineffective vaccine).  Notice, the weekly mortality for the vaccinated goes lower than the unvaccinated after week 24 in part due to survivor bias because more of the vaccinated had died earlier in the vaccination campaign. However, overall during this 38 week period, the vaccinated have 83% higher all-cause mortality than the unvaccinated.  This is consistent with what scientists and medical practitioners warned.

Infectiousness in Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated by PCR test and Lab culture.
Infectiousness in Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated by PCR test and Lab culture.

 Notice, the study shows PCR tests are positive at similar Ct cycles for both vaccinated and unvaccinated but laboratory cell cultures find that the COVID vaccinated are much more infectious.

See https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.07.31.21261387v4.full.pdf+html

CONCLUSION TO BE DRAWN:  COVID vaccines *increase* the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID vaccines used in England (mRNA & DNA vector vaccines Pfizer, Moderna, and Astrazenica) do NOT significantly reduce COVID mortality, but, instead, are resulting in approximately 60% greater all-cause mortality in the vaccinated.    This finding is consistent with what scientists have been warning prior to the experimental mRNA/DNA vaccine rollouts.  (See Scientists and Doctors Warn Against Investigational EUA COVID-19 Vaccines).  As medical practitioners have been saying since early 2020, there are many safe and effective treatments to prevent and treat COVID-19  (See COVID-19 Preventions and Treatments ).  People who have already taken the experimental COVID mRNA/DNA shots may want to consult with the medical recommendations made on this page: Suggested Strategies to Recover from COVID Vaccine Problems