Is there Poisonous Graphene Oxide in COVID "Vaccine" Shots?

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2019 Apr 4 Biocompatible N-acetyl cysteine reduces graphene oxide and persists at the surface as a green radical scavenger. Valentina Palmieri  1 Enrique A DalchieleGiordano PeriniAlessandro MottaMarco De SpiritoRobertino ZanoniAndrea Giacomo MarraniMassimiliano Papi. We demonstrate that N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) reduces graphene oxide (GO) at room temperature. This represents a new green method to produce reduced GO (rGO). NAC adheres to the rGO surface as demonstrated by several spectroscopy techniques and avoids GO-mediated oxidation of glutathione.

Valentina Palmieri  1 Enrique A DalchieleGiordano PeriniAlessandro MottaMarco De SpiritoRobertino ZanoniAndrea Giacomo MarraniMassimiliano Papi

23 March 2022. You seriously can't make this stuff up. By Jessica Rose. I watched a video lately about this graphene oxide hypothesis that provided a link to recently published paper entitled: “A Novel Graphene Quantum Dot-Based mRNA Delivery Platform” published in July 2021...

23 March 2022. video Is there graphene in the Covid shots? By Dr. Sam Bailey

22 March 2022. video Dr. Sam Bailey: NZ Scientist Examines Pfizer Jab Under The Microscope What are the undisclosed ingredients?

January 28 The Jerusalem Report Season 2 Episode 3: Graphene Discovery And The Fall Of Democracy

December 2, 2021 by Dr. Ariyana Love GRAPHENE Covid Kill Shots: Let The Evidence Speak For Itself

Nov 21, 2021. WHISTLEBLOWER DR. ANDREAS NOACK, renown Austrian chemist, is dead just hours after speaking out about the effects of the adjuvant Graphene hydroxide (GHO) |  Dr. Noack was arrested within 2 hours of this live video; and was dead 8 hours later. In a post written by his wife, he was found dead in lock-up, allegedly “beaten to death”

However, From Dr. Leisha Martin, LeiNanoTech, LLC

The Spanish researchers are basing their conclusions on electron microscope images and absorption in the UV portion of the spectrum. These are not acceptable methods for determining material composition. There are many, many materials that absorb in the UV range, including polyethylene glycol. The UV absorption ratios are often performed in a laboratory to determine how much RNA has been obtained/extracted. However, it appears that their sample was not sufficiently purified. It is very difficult to isolate (separate and purify) a substance using standard analytical chemistry techniques when you do not know what you are looking for. Numerous steps and a combination of instrumental analyses would need to be performed.

.... I believe the reason why the materials appear as graphene "sheets" in the images is due to the sample preparation method. Soft polymeric materials have to be imaged hydrated, either frozen or in solution, in a microfluidic chamber, or they will desiccate (dry out and "wrinkle") giving the appearance of folded sheets. This was not done.   I think we're getting off track with the GO rumor and we need to focus on feasible countermeasures for what we are actually dealing with here.  ....In a nutshell, you can NOT determine the composition of a nanomaterial by looking at it with an electron (or other) microscope. Many different materials look the same. You need to use XRD, GC-MS (gas chromatography mass spectroscopy), TGA and other analytical techniques.  The Spain experiment is NOT convincing. Additionally, GO is not magnetic. They can induce very very weak fields in some types of layered GO surfaces, but this is uncommon and would not explain the magnetization of the body. The Spain research suggests that they may have coupled GO with iron oxide nanoparticles as described in their report, however, these are highly absorbtive in the visible range and would appear black or red. Here is a video of my iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles, you can see they are black and very strongly magnetic. .... Additionally, the Pfizer whistleblower did not provide any evidence. She admits that graphene is not in the patents. 

Japan says 2 dead after receiving contaminated COVID-19 vaccine doses. August 28, 2021

The foreign substances have been confirmed since Aug. 16 at eight vaccination sites in five prefectures -- Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Gifu and Aichi. They were found in a total of 39 vials. Takeda reported them to the ministry on Wednesday. ..The composition of the foreign matter, a few millimeters in size, has not been determined. ..The "small black materials" reported to the ministry could be metallic fragments, one of its senior officials said.

1.6m Moderna doses withdrawn in Japan over contamination.  August 26, 2021. The ministry said later in the day that the substance that had been mixed in may have been metal. "It's a substance that reacts to magnets," a ministry official said. "It could be metal."

Aug 20, 2021.  Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines Dr. Robert Young DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner


Stew Peters With Karen Kingston - Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID 'Kill Shot'  July 28th, 2021. The companies producing the graphene oxide (GO) for those "vaccines" are Chinese outfits.

DEADLY GRAPHENE SHOTS! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison COVID 'Vaccine' Is A Death Sentence. July 28, 2021. EXCLUSIVE! Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD! ..The inoculation being referred to as 'COVID Vaccines' is a poisonous death sentence, and nobody should subject themselves to the shots.

Whitney Webb Interview – Is There Graphene Oxide In The COVID-19 Injections? July 23, 2021

Graphene Hydrogel Could Help mRNA Vaccine Target Cancer More Effectively. February 2021.  Encapsulation in lipid particles has helped stabilize the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and other RNA therapies currently on the market. Hai Wang, Ph.D., and colleagues at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing, decided to adapt this idea and test whether a specially designed graphene oxide hydrogel could help stabilize and focus mRNA vaccine treatment for cancer, as well as reducing repeat dosing. ... “This transformable hydrogel can not only encapsulate and protect mRNA from degradation but also target lymph nodes to activate immune cells,” explain the authors.

2021 Jul 15. doi: 10.1186/s12951-021-00902-8  Graphene-based nanomaterials for breast cancer treatment: promising therapeutic strategies.  Guangman Cui,#1 Junrong Wu,#2 Jiaying Lin,#1 Wenjing Liu,2 Peixian Chen,3 Meng Yu,4 Dan Zhou,3 and Guangyu Yao,1  Graphene-based nanomaterials (GBNs) are potential drug carriers due to their target selectivity, easy functionalization, chemosensitization and high drug-loading capacity.

In Situ Transforming RNA Nanovaccines from Polyethylenimine Functionalized Graphene Oxide Hydrogel for Durable Cancer Immunotherapy Nano Lett. 2021, 21, 5, 2224–2231. February 17, 2021

Graphene meets RNA technology, for cancer vaccines by Jon Rappoport. July 13, 2021. As soon as Operation Warp Speed was announced, I made it clear that one of the prime goals was: winning approval for experimental RNA technology. .. RNA tech had never gotten a green light prior to the COVID vaccine. Why? Because it was highly dangerous. Generally speaking, massive inflammatory response was the issue: the body attacks itself. .. But RNA tech allows new vaccines to be developed faster, easier, and cheaper. Therefore, researchers could claim to discover new viruses at the drop of a hat (without authentic proof), and pharma companies could develop new vaccines (aka genetic RNA treatments) overnight. ..  In yesterday’s, article, I highlighted the arrival of a “miracle” substance, graphene, trumpeted as the core of a whole new frontier in medicine.

video at bottom of page: Speaking on behalf of the Spanish research team, Ricardo Delgado Martin recommends that the covid-19 experimental mRNA vaccine should be cancelled and discontinued immediately.


Nutrition Protocol To Deactivate Graphene Oxide (Urgent for all who were injected with the “Covid vaccine”)


La Quinta Columna’s claims (in English) and their website: (Global Research Interview in English) (LQC website)