COVID Post-Vaccination Adverse Events & Deaths. Coincidences?

Warning: Do NOT get COVID vaccinated if you had a symptomatic case of COVID and recovered and still have antibodies in your system because that puts you at higher risk for serious vaccine adverse events.  Increased Vaccine Adverse Events in Covid Recovered:

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Find your database to report Covid-19 vaccine side effects.  How to report Covid-19 vaccine side effects

Links to investigate Covid "vaccine" adverse events in various countries:

Analysis of US VAERS Vaccine Adverse Reactions Data by Biostatistician Christine Cotton Part 1.

Improper injection techniques causing inadvertent intravenous injections, as negligently and unethically recommended by the US CDC, are thought to cause VITT to occur leading in some cases to peri- or myo-carditis, even potentially leading to death. October 14, 2021. Discussion of the research By Dr. John Campbell.  "Aspirate before vaccinate!" However, this may not be the only cause of COVID vaccines causing VITT, myo- and peri-carditis. And also see

The CDC is lying to the world about Covid-19 Vaccine safety; they are killing 15 people for every 1 life they save By The Exposé October 24, 2021

Kyle's vaccine experience Oct 21, 2021. Former world-class biker talks about his COVID-19 vaccine experience.  (getting pericarditis from an intravenous shot -- the injection type the CDC encourages by recommending against aspirating the needle prior to injection)​ He's planning to travel to Washington DC to lobby Congress as soon as he's well enough.  He has some good advice for people who've also had intravenous injections thanks to the CDC!

According to the Oct. 8 data release from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), more than 21,000 adverse events, including 24 deaths (two of which were suicides), have been reported in the U.S. in 12- to 17-year-olds following experimental COVID shots. ... VAERS also received 111 reports of COVID-vaccine-related deaths in young adults in their late teens and twenties.  ...  As The Defender reported last week, 21-year-old college student Shawn Kuhn, a senior majoring in exercise and sports science who chose to get fully vaccinated, died on Oct. 11 from “COVID complications.”

TAIWAN: More Deaths from Vaccination than from COVID-19. October 15, 2021

Epidemic of Plane Crashes linked to Covid-19 Jab.  October 14, 2021. (note: It is very dangerous to fly at altitude when blood clotting that the pathogenic spike proteins causes, occurs in the body. Conspiracy theories aside, this is important information.)

1,969 Fetal Deaths Recorded Following COVID-19 Shots but Criminal CDC Recommends Pregnant Women Get the Shot As of October 8, 2021. See the horrifying picture of the deformity the spike protein COVID innoculation caused the growing infant.

Episode 3: Interview with Dr. Jessica Rose. October 16, 2021. Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD. We discuss and explore some data through VAERS, the patient-provider relationship, and the right to make your own informed decisions when it comes to your health. Dr. Rose's website:

10/13/21  Physician to FDA, CDC: In 20 Years of Practicing Medicine, ‘I’ve Never Witnessed So Many Vaccine-Related Injuries’  Dr. Patricia Lee, a licensed physician in California, said her experience with patients harmed by the COVID vaccine “does not comport with claims made by federal health authorities regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.”  In a letter dated Sept. 28 to officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an ICU physician detailed her concerns about the adverse reactions, including deaths, she witnessed in people who had received a COVID vaccine. .. Dr. Patricia Lee, a licensed physician in California, said her experience with patients harmed by the vaccine “does not comport with claims made by federal health authorities regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.”  .. In the letter, Lee described observing “entirely healthy individuals suffering serious, often fatal, injuries,” including transverse myelitis, resulting in quadriplegia, pneumocystis pneumonia, multi-system organ failure, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, postpartum hemorrhagic shock and septic shock.

TFNT11: The FDA's BIG mistake. October 14, 2021.  The FDA has been assuming that nearly all of the adverse events reported in VAERS have been due to "over-reporting" of "background events." In short, there is nothing to see here: it's all noise.  This video proves that that assertion is impossible. It shows compelling evidence that VAERS is actually UNDER-reported by a factor of 4 compared to previous years and the under-reporting factor is 41 for this year.

Vaccine-Induced Infertility and Birth Defects: Taking A Look at A New Study on Fertility Plus Pandemic “Black-Eyed” Babies. October 14, 2021

Swedish Mother Cries, Telling Story Of 22 year Old Son In ICU With Blood Clots After Pfizer Shots: High Risk Of Heart Attack. Oct 12, 2021.  Doctor Says Vaccines Caused Clots, Without Any Doubt Whatsoever

October 5, 2021. Deaths among teenage boys have increased by 63% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 vaccine. (See here)

UK: 78% of Covid-19 Deaths among Vaccinated, 47% Rise in Teen Deaths After Vaccination, 999 Calls for Cardiac Arrest at All Time High. October 4, 2021

An electrician reports that an alarmingly high number of the members of his union are dying, more than 4x the annual average. Electricians local union typically sees eight members pass per year; that average has held for the last 14 years.  So far, in 2021, 33 members have passed. ... 26 were allegedly all vaxxed at a union sponsored event. All 26 were still working & between 31 & 68 years old. 13 died within 10-12 days of a vax. For the ones I got an answer, the deaths were heart attacks or strokes.

Israel:  How Israeli Ministry of Health, deleted thousands of vaccine injury testimonies  Oct 10, 2021. Also posted on rumble:  [Note from Steve Kirsch: At the latest ACIP meeting we heard how there were no side-effects from the Booster. If course there weren't. There was no way to report them.  Now the truth comes out and despite the Ministry of Health's best efforts to delete them all, they keep coming and coming...  Not from anti-vaxers... but from people who have all been vaccinated.  If you want to know the full story, see:   We used EIGHT different methods to calculate the number of people killed by the vaccines in America.]

Oct 10, 2021. BOMBSHELL! 661 Maine Covid post-vaccine deaths reported to VAERS within 28 days of the jab. Oct 10, 2021. BOMBSHELL! 661 Maine Covid post-vaccine deaths reported to VAERS within 28 days of the jab. [During the entire year of 2020, Maine reported only 1,070 Covid deaths altogether.  661 Maine Covid post-vaccine deaths also compares unfavorably to the 329 "COVID-19 associated deaths since first date that Maine residents could be fully vaccinated" (through October 1, 2021) Notice, the Maine director of CDC (1) says there were 400 million Covid vaccine doses administered (to minimize the sound of 661 Maine vaccine deaths), but Maine has only 1.355 million people!; (2) incorrectly suggesting the number of Covid vaccines exceeds the number of all other vaccines given for the last 30 years, and (3) conflates his own analysis of breakthrough cases with investigating Covid-vaccine deaths. Note: VAERS is a passive reporting system that includes fewer than 1% to 1/5th of actual post-vaccine adverse events.

video on twitter: 2 children were accidentally given the Covid vaccine instead of flu shots and are now both suffering from heart issues. October 9, 2021.

Too many people are dying and it’s starting to worry the demographersOctober 8, 2021 You can see for yourself the excess mortality for much of the EU here. Few people realize that in 2021 we have had as much excess mortality, as we did in 2020. The difference is that the age profile has shifted: Whereas most of the excess mortality was in elderly people in 2020, in 2021 it’s increasingly showing up among younger people. The excess mortality has a peculiar characteristic, in that it starts showing up later in younger age groups, with the exception of children, in whom no excess mortality is observed.  ...  For the 29 participating countries as a whole, we have 4000 excess deaths among people aged 15-44. These deaths are hard to explain, because young people normally don’t die from COVID-19. Just 0.9% of COVID-19 deaths in the Netherlands are people under the age of fifty. The curve of excess mortality in this age category also doesn’t fit COVID-19. This is a seasonal virus that disappear in the summer, but the excess deaths among young people mainly show up during the summer.

Israel booster shot causes another Covid Vaccine excess mortality bump. October 6, 2021.

October 6, 2021.  WATCH: Exclusive VIDEO Captures "Organism" From Vaxxed Soldier's Body  HORROR: Exclusive VIDEO Captures "Organism" From Vaxxed Soldier's Body.

Spike Protein Deaths per Vaccine Dose
Spike Protein Fatality Rate per Vaccine Dose


Investigation: Deaths among Teenage Boys have increased by 63% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine according to ONS data. October 4, 2021





New York Data shows approximately 8 persons will die of myocarditis and 9 persons get Bells Palsey to prevent one (1) COVID hospitalized case
New York Data CDC data shows approximately 8 persons will die of myocarditis and
9 persons get Bells Palsey to prevent one (1) COVID hospitalized case with COVID vaccination

1000 COVID Stories  Share Your Story

Gee, What Could it Be? UK Times Reports, “MYSTERY Rise in Heart Attacks from Blocked Arteries,” at Staggering 25% Increase!  October 2, 2021

Heart Attacks Up 25% In Scotland Since Covid Jabs Were Introduced, Media Plays Dumb As To Why. October 6th, 2021 The so-called “experts” claim they are baffled by a sudden spike in heart attack cases in Scotland ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were released to the general public.

The Vaccine Safety Signals Everyone Can See - Except Alleged Felons at the CDC & FDA, That Is Post-Market Surveillance Appears to Have Failed. Everyone Can See That. So What's Next? October 1, 2021.

pdf: Jessica Rose, 2021. Critical appraisal of VAERS Pharmacovigilance: Is the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) a functioning pharmacovigilance system?  Sci, Publ Health Pol & Law 3:100-129

TFNT10: Myocarditis deception. Sept. 30, 2021. This video explains what the real myocarditis rates are based on the VAERS data. The rates are as high as 1 in 318 for 16-year-old boys an elevation of over 1,000 times weekly baseline. Nobody is measuring the troponin levels after vaccination; these can stay elevated for weeks and can be an indicator of sub-clinical myocarditis. The bottom line is that the CDC should have caught this earlier, and it's much worse than they have led people to believe. There is still a lot we don't know about the troponin levels and how long they stay elevated. The vaccines should be halted for kids on this data, but they just look the other way.

September 28, 2021. Whistleblower Lawsuit! Government Medicare Data Shows 48,465 DEAD Following COVID Shots - Remdesivir Drug has 25% Death Rate!

Challenge to the Scientific Community – It’s Time for Honest and Open Debate on Vaccine Safety.   September 28, 2021. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Kirsch has assembled a group of experts that are willing to debate a similarly credentialed group of pro-vaccine scientists on the issue of vaccine safety.  Two key issues will be addressed in the debate:

  1. Kirsch and his team have asserted that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines and that they can defend that number using multiple methods. They also point out that the peer-reviewed scientific literature supports their assertion. The CDC says the vaccine hasn’t killed anyone. Which is correct?
  2. Kirsch and his team have asserted that the COVID vaccines kill more people than they are expected to save over a 6-month efficacy period and that this is true for all ages. Again, they point out that the peer-reviewed scientific literature supports their assertion. The CDC says the vaccine risk-benefit is justified for ages 12 and above. Which is correct?

If you are a pro-vaccine expert that believes the current Covid vaccines are ‘safe and effective,’ these two points should be easy to address. We invite you to apply to participate in this live debate which will be impartially hosted and moderated by TrialSiteNews as a live event.

ATTORNEY THOMAS RENZ "We Got Them. Fact Check This!" ALL NEW WHISTLEBLOWER INFO. September 27, 2021. Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking System. ... During an extraordinary speech at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour, Attorney Thomas Renz shocked the crowd of thousands in attendance and millions watching via livestream as he revealed:   That data from the Medicare Tracking System reveals that [in the less than 20% of the US data obtained from Medicare] 19,400 people less than 80 years old have died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine. ... In addition, 28,065 people have died that are over the age of 80 within 14 days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Post-Covid-Vaccine Adverse Events & Deaths Explode
Post-Covid-Vaccine Deaths Explode

Cheers for Choice 2021 MVC Fundraiser. September 25, 2021. Featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Peter McCullough.  Propaganda is false information put out by those people of authority.  Malfeasance.

David John Sorensen & Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, M.D., The Vaccine Death Report. September 22, 2021 Our aim is to only present scientific facts, and stay away from unfounded claims. The data is clear and verifiable. References can be found with all presented information, which is provided as a starting point for further investigation. . ..The data suggests that we may currently be witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world. The severity of this situation compels us to ask this critical: will we rise up to the defense of billions of innocent people? Or will we prefer personal profit over justice, and be complicit? .... A study by the University of San Francisco, or Salk Institute, shows that the vaccines turn the human body into a spike protein factory, making trillions of spikes that cause blood clots, which cause strokes and heart attacks.1 Another study confirms how the vaccines can cause deadly blood clots, that in turn cause heart attacks and strokes.2, 3 The New England Journal of Medicine shows how the jabs cause heart inflammation,4 and the same journal published a study about the dramatic increase of miscarriages.5 Several studies prove the reality of antibody dependent enhancement. 6,7,8 Also the occurence of infertility and reduced sperm count is confirmed. 9,10 Lastly a study showed that the injections cause cancer.11 And these are just a few examples…

09/24/21. More Than 726,000 COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS as CDC, FDA Overrule Advisory Committees’ Recommendations on Third Pfizer Shot.  VAERS data released Friday by the CDC included a total of 726,965 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 15,386 deaths and 99,410 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 17, 2021.

FACT, The Vaccines Kill More People Than Save Lives!  Sept. 23, 2021.

September 23, 2021. Why are adverse events from the COVID-19 vaccines NOT being reported to VAERS? COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths COVER-UP! Nurse Whistleblowers Reveal How They are Pressured to NOT Report Deaths and Injuries to VAERS. Also posted here:

Wake Up Please Open Your Eyes...To The Terrible End Goal... 22 September 2021. Funeral directors are seeing more deaths than ever before today, since the Covid vaccine rollout began.

30,000+ Women in UK Report Menstrual Problems After COVID Shots, But Menstrual Issues Not Listed as Side Effect September 23rd 2021  "If we were to follow the scientific method, as it was taught in textbooks ... we would immediately see this observation of menstrual cycle changes in tens of thousands of women as a signal, for which necessary questions would need to be asked," Dr. Lawrence Palevsky told The Defender.

Why the Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate is Unconstitutional And why Kavanaugh may be key. September 14, 2021.

6 studies showing if Covid recovered and then layer vaccine on it, there is stronger chance you will have adverse reactions

09/23/21. The Emperor Has No Clothes: COVID Math Simply Doesn’t Add Up. Eighteen months of COVID-related health data show the numbers promulgated by public health officials and mainstream media vastly overstate the risk of COVID and downplay the risk of vaccines.  ... One of the biggest holes in the story is the trail of destruction that the experimental COVID vaccines are leaving in their wake, with hundreds of thousands of reported injuries in the U.S. alone and, according to some statisticians, as many as 150,000 dead Americans. ... With this level of damage after just nine months, now is as good a time as any to reexamine “COVID math” and highlight some of the embedded falsehoods that cast serious doubt on official and corporate pronouncements about risks and benefits.

Bad combo: Vaccines and Sports don't mix well. September 22, 2021 ...the cardiac side effects caused by the substance that many call 'vaccine'. On this occasion, the Spanish duo has prepared a short video with a compilation of news stories in which athletes have suffered cardiovascular sequelae or died as a result of the inoculation.

BREAKING – Over 150,000 people including 600 children have died due to the Covid-19 Vaccines in the USA By UK Daily Expose on September 22, 2021

BREAKING – The Covid-19 Vaccines have killed at least 150,000 people in the USA including 574 children according to new Scientific Study September 20, 2021

09/20/21  Nearly 15,000 Deaths, More Than 700,000 Injuries Reported to the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) Since December 2020 Rollout of COVID Vaccines in U.S.

09/20/21 Experts Tell FDA Vaccines ‘Harm More People Than They Save,’ But NIH Director Believes Boosters Will Be Approved in Coming Weeks. During the Sept. 17 meeting of the FDA advisory panel to recommend whether to approve a third dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, physicians pointed to data they said confirm the risks of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine don’t outweigh the benefits.

FDA experts reveal the Covid-19 Vaccines are killing at least 2 people for every 1 life they save as they vote 16 – 2 against the approval of booster shots SEPTEMBER 18, 2021

September 18, 2021.  BOMBSHELL: FDA Allows Whistleblower Testimony that COVID-19 Vaccines Are Killing and Harming People!   There were signs heading into the meeting this week that there could be some fireworks at this hearing, as two top vaccine research scientists at the FDA, Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Phillip Kause, the Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Vaccines Research, recently resigned. .. This followed a report published in The Lancet from 18 officials at the FDA opposing the Biden Administration’s plan to start distributing Pfizer “booster shots” later this month (September, 2021) before the FDA had even approved them. ..To say that there were fireworks at the Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting yesterday might be a gross understatement. The 18 member committee voted 16 to 2 AGAINST approving the booster shots, although later they did give their endorsement on approving them for people 65 and older. .. During the “open session” part of the meeting, dissenting doctors questioning the Pfizer shots were given a chance to address the public with their concerns, and they presented to the public REAL data about the shots that up until now has been heavily censored.

Episode 233: THE VAERS SCANDAL   Sept. 16, 2021.  Pharma’s ‘Natural Immunity’ Problem; Jeffery and Del Deconstruct Biden’s Misinformed Address to the Nation; Exclusive Interview with Respected Hospitalist PA Exposes Potential Massive Fraud on the Frontlines; NY Protesters send message, “It’s Time to Make a Stand.” Guest: Deborah Conrad, PA-C

September 15, 2021. UK  Covid-19 deaths are 58 times higher than this time last year and 78% of those dying had the Covid-19 vaccine according to Public Health data Deaths associated with Covid-19 across the UK are significantly higher than this time last year despite 89% of adults allegedly being vaccinated against the disease, and despite the fact summer is supposed to help to keep the alleged virus at bay due to seasonality.  ... The mainstream media, Public Health sources, and the government are doing their best to convince you that it is the unvaccinated who make up the majority of those deaths. But to do this they are including deaths from the height of the second wave of Covid-19 back in January when barely anybody has been vaccinated.

Unexpected and heartbreaking: Thousands flood ABC affiliate’s Facebook page with vaccination horror stories September 13, 2021. by WorldTribune Staff. An ABC news fishing expedition on Facebook took a startling turn over the weekend, after a reporter asked readers to share stories of loved ones who died of Covid after refusing or delaying to get the vaccine. ... Instead, thousands of readers reported of loved ones who died after vaccination and, even worse, from adverse reactions to the vaccine.

09/10/21. Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Hit New Highs, as Biden Rolls Out Plan to Force 100 Million More Americans to Get Vaccinated. VAERS data released Friday by the CDC showed a total of 675,593 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 14,506 deaths and 88,171 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 3, 2021.

VAERS UPDATE for CCCA (Canadian COVID Care Alliance). Sep 6, 2021. by Jessica Rose. This update is for VAERS data from the August 27th update and covers all sorts of goodies! Like total counts, missing data, lost safety signals, escape mutants and more! The presentation was officially made for the Canadian COVID Care Alliance and is sectioned according to Safety and Efficacy.

 Exclusive Summary: Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns. September 5, 2021

"There is a 3000% increase in expected cases of adolescent male myocarditis after “vaccination.” Sept. 5, 2021

 a record number of injuries and deaths in people so young and previously healthy, after receiving any of the COVID-19 injections
 a record number of injuries and deaths in people young and previously healthy,
after receiving any of the COVID-19 injections

Article includes data from Israel, the U.K., and the United States.  12,249 cases of 12 to 17 year olds injured by K0 B1T injection in the United States.

Session 68: Effective Resistance, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Bernie aus Australien, Willem Christiaan Engel, Sue Frost, Björn Pirrwitz, English, September 3, 2021.  Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the Coronavirus response and what the consequences have been and still are for people. Beginning about 30 minutes into the video, the vaccine adverse events are discussed.

More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems: Report. There were 54 persons aged 25-39 included in the tally and 44 persons aged 40 and over. Sep 03, 2021. “The reporting rate of myocarditis/pericarditis was higher following the second dose of mRNA vaccine than after the first, particularly for those receiving the Moderna vaccine ...

Reports Of Rare Body Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccinations Being Investigated By EU Watchdog.  Sep 04, 2021

Woman Dies of Rare Brain Disease Within 3 Months of Second Pfizer Shot, Doctor Says Vaccine Could Be Responsible. August 31, 2021.

A Dive into the VAERS Reporting System with Albert Benavides. August 28, 2021

Shocking Report Out About Covid Vaccine Injuries.  August 21, 2021

Shock: European Union Reports 1.5 Million Vaccine Injuries, 15,472 Deaths. August 20, 2021. From the total of injuries recorded, half of them (753,657) are serious injuries.

Covid vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia, or VITT  The full, original article is The realities and dangers of vaccine-induced blood clots. By Joel S. Hirschhorn August 19, 2021

Over 32,000 People DEAD in Brazil Following COVID-19 Vaccines According to Official Media Report. August 19, 2021. Scroll down to "In Memoriam ..... Victims of Covid-19 "vaccines".

08/20/21. 13,000 Deaths, Nearly 600,000 Adverse Events Reported After COVID Vaccines, as Debate Heats Up Over Boosters.  VAERS data released Friday by the CDC showed a total of 595,622 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 13,068 deaths and 81,050 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and Aug. 13, 2021.

7 Reasons why the COVID vaccines and vaccine mandates should not be approved by Jessica Rose PhD, Michael Yeadon, Dr. Byram W. Bridle, and co-signers. August 21, 2021. The vaccines kill more people than they save. Although the vaccines reduce the number of COVID deaths, that benefit comes at a steep price: death from other causes. Pfizer’s own Phase 3 study (6 month) showed that more people died who got the vaccine than who got the placebo. Today, there is no risk-benefit analysis showing that the vaccines have saved more lives than they've taken. The VAERS data shows that the vaccines are extremely unsafe and for those under 50 years old will kill more people than they save. The vaccines elevate dozens of serious adverse cardiovascular and neurological events, reactivate latent viruses, and can make cancers worse.

Deaths Post-Covid-Vaccine Injection: Actual versus Expected-if-NotDue-to-the-Vaccine
Deaths Post-Covid-Vaccine Injection: Actual versus Expected-if-NotDue-to-the-Vaccine

Top doctor: Mass vaccination program for COVID will be ‘one of the most deadly’ in history. August 18, 2021. Citing recent data from U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and from Israel and Britain, where COVID cases are multiplying among the vaccinated, McCullough, who is editor-in-chief of two medical journals and author of over 600 peer-reviewed studies, including 46 dedicated to COVID-19, said he is “deeply worried” about the future of America.  ...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced in April that it has stopped tracking COVID cases among the vaccinated that do not result in hospitalizations or deaths. The agency is now assuming that new cases are among the unvaccinated unless otherwise advised, which skews numbers to paint the unvaccinated as spreaders of disease.

“This intentional misinformation and propaganda scheme has been used to drive an incredible fury of vaccine mandates” for government agencies, veterans administrations, and hundreds of schools and colleges, even though here have been no outbreaks in these places, McCullough said.

Massive Fraud in Reporting Vaccine Injuries; Withheld Data, Pretense of “Safe And Effective” August 18, 2021. Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter, August 6: “Covid vaccine maker Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects after vaccinations over a three-month period following the launch of its shot, according to an internal report from a company that helps Moderna manage the reports.” ... “The number of covid shots [in the US] administered so far in 2021 (309 million) is roughly the same as all other vaccines administered in 2020 (316 million). But a shocking 36-times more deaths were reported this year from the covid shots than were reported last year from all other vaccines.”

08/12/21  We’ve Never Seen Vaccine Injuries on This Scale — Why Are Regulatory Agencies Hiding COVID Vaccine Safety Signals?  In under a year, more than 500,000 post-COVID vaccine injuries have been reported to VAERS — nearly a third of all reports accumulated over the system’s entire three-decade lifespan — yet regulatory agencies remain silent. How is the absence of “early warning system” alarm bells possible? In a recent commentary, “Defining Away Vaccine Safety Signals,” an experienced statistician suggested not only have safety experts’ admonitions to get COVID vaccine safety monitoring “right” not been heeded, but CDC and other public health agencies have taken steps to intentionally hide safety signals. “[O]ne vaccine that kills and cripples 20 or 50 or 1,000 times as much as a very safe vaccine will show the same PRR … and no safety signal will be identified by the CDC. By design …"

VAERS data without CDC manipulations
COVID Vaccine VAERS data without CDC record removals & manipulations
source: WelcomeTheEagle88 channel 
COVID Vaccine VAERS Yearly data without CDC record removals & manipulations source: WelcomeTheEagle88 channel
COVID Vaccine VAERS Yearly data amounts without CDC record removals & manipulations
source: WelcomeTheEagle88 channel

Estimating Vaccine-Induced Mortality, Part I. August 5, 2021. Mathew Crawford. "This means that the experimental COVID-19 vaccination programs may be killing somewhere between 200 people per million doses and 500 people per million doses---perhaps even more since the U.S. has a more substantial population living with substantial comorbidities, and the world's best cardiac trauma care. At 360 million doses delivered, these estimates suggest between 72,000 and 180,000 (or maybe even a little more) vaccine-induced deaths in the U.S. during the experimental COVID-19 vaccination program. As we will see in future articles, this estimate range matches numerous other mortality signals."

German chief pathologist sounds alarm on fatal vaccine injuries. August 3, 2021. The director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, Peter Schirmacher, has carried out over forty autopsies on people who had died within two weeks of their vaccination. Schirmacher expressed alarm over his findings.

COVID-19 Vaccine Associated Parkinson’s Disease, A Prion Disease Signal in the UK Yellow Card Adverse Event Database. J. Bart Classen, MD. July 18, 2021. The UK’s Yellow Card database of COVID-19 vaccine adverse event reports was evaluated for signals consistent with a pending epidemic of COVID vaccine induced prion disease. ..The findings suggest that regulatory approval, even under an emergency use authorization, for COVID vaccines was premature and that widespread use should be halted until full long term safety studies evaluating prion toxicity has been complete.

Whistleblower says at least 45,000 deaths from Vaccines in USA. Thomas Renz files suit.  ASIA PACIFIC TODAY  August 6, 2021.  ... In pursuit of Zero Covid, wealthy politicians have enacted emergency laws, instituted arbitrary and widespread lockdowns and imposed unsupportable medical mandates. Instead of saving lives, Governments have destroyed lives, put public health at risk and globally have demolished millions of small businesses. While Western Governments have done the unimaginable, and snatched away fundamental freedoms, including free speech, there’s been no scrutiny from most of the media;...

Estimating Vaccine-Induced Mortality, Part II: Isolating the Variable  The Chloroquine Wars Part LIII By Mathew Crawford Aug 7, 2021.  In Part I, I examined the first 30 days of vaccination programs throughout Europe, showing an estimated 1018 deaths per million doses (not even people---doses) of COVID-19 vaccines administered, judging by excess deaths compared to a starting baseline based on case fatality rates (CFRs). After a quick, but seemingly reasonable adjustment, I estimated 200 to 500 deaths per million doses delivered---based solely on deaths seemingly categorized as COVID-19 deaths. This would suggest, based on 4 billion doses already administered throughout the world, that 800,000 to 2,000,000 of the COVID-19 deaths recorded are actually vaccine-induced deaths. This does not even include vaccine-induced deaths that have not been recorded as COVID cases, though I suspect that latter number is smaller since the only good way to hide the vaccine mortality signal is to smuggle deaths through the already-established COVID death toll.

Pfizer trial protocal document describes vaccine “shedding” from person to person (on page 67-8). August 6, 2021, explaining some of the reported adverse events in the non-vaccinated close contacts of the vaccinated.

Israeli People’s Committee Releases Horrific Report On Consequences Of Vaccine Campaign, Government/Media CoverupAugust 4, 2021.   According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), during January-March 2021, in the midst of the vaccination operation, there was a 18% increase in overall mortality in Israel compared to the tri-monthly average mortality in the previous year. In fact, the period of January-March 2021 is the deadliest one in the last decade, with the highest overall mortality rates, when compared to the corresponding months over the last 10 years.  Among the age group of 20-29, the increase in overall mortality rate is even more dramatic. In this group, during the same vaccination period, January-March 2021, there has been a 30% increase in overall mortality compared to the tri-monthly average mortality in 2020…    A statistical analysis of data from the CBS combined with information from the ministry of health leads to the conclusion that the mortality rate amongst the vaccinated is estimated at 1:3000 (1:18000 for ages 20-49, 1:5000 for ages 50-69, 1:1100 for ages 70+). According to this assessment, it is possible to estimate that the number of deaths in Israel, which have occurred in proximity after the vaccination, currently stands at about 1600-1700 people…


Albert Benavides Number of COVID Vaccines versus Adverse Events Chart
Albert Benavides Number of COVID Vaccines versus Adverse Events Chart

VAERS Reports 6K Foreign Deaths to Eudra's 16K Deaths by comparison. August 3, 2021. Free Tableau Public VAERS Interactive Dashboard(6/18 v1):  Wayne’s Vaersanalysis website:

FDA’s (VRBPAC) September 17, 2021 Meeting, Sept 17, 2021

VAERS ALL 1,306 Deleted Reports Dashboard FREE Download! By Albert Venavides. July 30, 2021.  Current to data drop Friday Jul 30th. Click here for FREE download.   Free Tableau Public VAERS Interactive Dashboard(6/18 v1):  Wayne’s Vaersanalysis website:

Insanity Rules in the U.S. as Hospitalizations and Deaths Among Vaccinated “Breakthrough” Cases Surge While Health Authorities blame the “Unvaccinated” July 27, 2021. The official government narrative that the U.S. is facing a new “pandemic of the unvaccinated” continued this week, as the corporate media, the White House, and state governors all continued to blame the “unvaccinated” for rising cases of COVID-19 and the “delta” variant.  

Whistleblower Physical Therapist Warns Hospitals Filled With Sick Vaccinated!  Jul 27, 2021

Maryland Nurse Reports On Vaccination Catastrophe. July 27, 2021.

VAERS Adverse Events by Vaccine Dose number and Age By Doctor Jessica Rose. June 30, 2021.  Also see her video: VAERS - as of April 30th, 2021 comprehensive analysis of the data

The real number of covid vaccine deaths in the US with Albert Benavides. (27 min video) 24th June 2021. Of greatest concern today is Vaccine safety - because of the mass campaigns being pushed by our Governments, using vaccines that have been granted only emergency use, embody untested new technologies. Today we speak to Albert Benavides about the problem of VAERS - The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, managed by CDC and the FDA, which is meant to be a national early warning system for possible safety problems in U.S licensed vaccines.

FIVE Jet Blue Airlines Pilots DEAD, Media Intentionally Hiding Vaxx FearsJuly 16, 2021.  "Three Delta pilots reported dead." Leading many air travelers into harms way.

It's official: COVID Vaccines now killing more people than COVID. By Josh Mitteldorf · Jul 17, 2021. Deaths reported in past two weeks by

  • CDC: 2646 COVID Deaths 
  • VAERS: 4006 COVID Vaccine Deaths

Birth Defects, Paralysis, Stroke & Blindness – UK Gov. release 24th report on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines. July 16, 2021. 118 birth defects have been reported in babies born to women who received covid vaccines during pregnancy.

17 Children Dead, More Than 2000 Suffering From Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome Due To COVID Vaccine by GreatGameIndia July 7, 2021. Young children are becoming victims of Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS), due to the increase in the number of antibodies being made in the body from the COVID-19 vaccine which is causing damage to the immune system which is attacking other organs. Atleast 17 children have died in Jaipur and more than 2000 around India are suffering from MIS caused due to access antibodies from the COVID vaccine.

CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System as of Junly7, 2021.
CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System as of Junly 7, 2021.

45 Year Old John Hopkins Hospital Employee Dies After Reaction To Mandatory Covid Shot. July 5, 2021. Another tragic story and this time it involves a 45 year old woman from the state of Maryland.  Robin Spring Saunders had accepted an employment position with John Hopkins Hospital.

Singapore launches probe into vaccinated teen’s cardiac arrest. July 5, 2021. The Health Ministry updated its guidance on vaccinations, advising residents in Singapore, particularly adolescents and men below 30 years, to avoid strenuous physical activity for seven days as a “further precautionary measure” after getting either the first or second dose.

13 year old Michigan boy dies 3 days after getting Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, CDC is investigating Detroit Free Press. July 2, 2021.

July 2, 2021.  Pregnancy and COVID Vaccine. Dr. Mobeen Syed finds large first trimester fetal loss rate with COVID vaccines. A review of the safety of the mRNA vaccines is published in NEJM on 17th June. Let’s review the findings from the authors.

Clot risk to 18-39s from AstraZeneca vaccine is twice as high as Covid death risk, Euro study finds. July 2, 2021. The HSE has admitted a greater risk of blood clotting in younger people still exists for the AstraZeneca vaccine, but that risk is now outweighed by a need to speed up public vaccination. A new modelling study published in the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s (ECDC) medical journal has concluded that the dangers presented to younger people by the AstraZeneca vaccine are greater than the benefits.

June 30, 2021. Stating the Truth about Deadly Shots. He died from a lethal injection called a "v a c c i n e." Beware this lethal injection.

As Adverse Reactions to Covid ‘Vaccines’ Reach 400,000, the Truth Must Be Spread Widely. VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 441,931 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 6,985 deaths and 34,065 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and June 25, 2021.  ... In the U.S, 321.2 million COVID vaccine doses had been administered as of June 25. This includes: 132 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine, 177 million doses of Pfizer and 12 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID vaccine. ...Of the 6,985 deaths reported as of June 25, 22% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, 15% occurred within 24 hours and 38% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated. [note: VAERS reports are thought to include as little as 1% to about 10% of actual adverse events.]

Child received experimental injection for Covid-19June 6, 2021. Why would anyone do this to a child?

Large spikes in Covid deaths accompany vaccine rollouts.  Analysis from 200+ doctors and scientists of the actual calculated risks of Covid "vaccine" side effects versus the risks of a Covid infection by age group.

This page is not a complete list of the experimental COVID vaccine adverse events.  You will notice the vaccine package inserts do not list all the reported side effects:

Military Members Say They’ll ‘Quit’ If Army Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine: Congressman. July 5, 2021. U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force physicians found 23 cases of myocarditis, a type of heart inflammation, in previously healthy men. They developed the condition within four days of getting the vaccine, the study published in JAMA Cardiology found. June 29, 2021. “There are no health outcomes based studies that show any benefit from the vaccine for those who have already had COVID,”

Retraction of paper on vaccine deaths spurs call for more scrutiny of COVID-19 death reports.  Medical journal sets much higher burden to show deaths from vaccine than from COVID, say authors of retracted paper. July 1, 2021.

 Summary of reports to VAERS

From Dr. Peter McCullough: "In 1990, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systems (“VAERS”) was established as a national early warning system to detect possible safety problems in U.S. licensed vaccines. VAERS is a passive reporting system, meaning it relies on individuals to voluntarily send in reports of their experiences to CDC and FDA. VAERS is useful in detecting unusual or unexpected patterns of adverse event reporting that might indicate a possible safety problem with a vaccine. ... Based on VAERS as of June 11, 2021, there were 5,993 COVID-19 vaccine deaths reported and over 20,737 hospitalizations reported. By comparison, from July 1, 1997, until December 31, 2013, VAERS received 666 adult death reports for all vaccines combined."

From C19 epidemiologist Andy Boston, MD, MSc.
Total Safety Reports in VAERS all vaccines per year to 2019 was 16,320.
Total Safety Reports in VAERS for COVID Vaccines alone, for 5.5 months through Jun 11, 2020 is 358,379

Teen Suffers Severe Heart Damage After Second Pfizer Dose, Mother Says Hospital ‘Clueless’ About Reporting to VAERS. June 23, 2021.

One of many thousands, 13 year-old boy found dead after second Pfizer shot… June 21, 2021

Parents Report Thousands of CHILDREN DYING from COVID Vaccine. Millions of Adverse Events Pile UP. June 20, 2021.


Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week – Airline Says No Link to Covid-19 Vaccine By Cristina Laila
 June 17, 2021

Are the Covid-19 vaccines “safe and effective”? Steve Kirsch June 16, 2021. video presentation: If the vaccines are so safe, why do we need to waive liability? We do not have informed consent, in violation of federal law. "We're Going To Show You Proof That There Are Over 25,000 Excess Deaths And Most All Of Those Are Due To The Vaccine". This is an experimental procedure on human beings. Usually vaccines are stopped when between 25 to 50 deaths, 1/1000 th of the deaths from Covid vaccines.

Dr. McCullough: COVID Vaccines Have Already Killed Up to 50,000 Americans, According to Whistleblowers By Debra Heine  June 15, 2021

June 13, 2021. An urgent preliminary report of Yellow Card data issued by the UK-based Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd submitted to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) states that “the MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans.  ... Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy Ltd and EbMC Squared CiC Director Dr. Tess Lawrie (MBBCh, PhD), says: “we have searched the Yellow Card reports using pathology-specific key words to group the data according to the following five [sic] broad, clinically relevant categories:

  • Bleeding, Clotting and Ischaemic ADRs [Adverse Drug Reactions]
  • Immune System ADRs
  • ‘Pain’ ADRs
  • Neurological ADRs
  • ADRs involving loss of Sight, Hearing, Speech or Smell
  • Pregnancy ADRs”
Deaths in Vaccinated versus Non-vaccinated Due to Delta Variant
Deaths in Vaccinated (red) versus Non-vaccinated (yellow)
Due to Delta Variant
Another post-vaccine COVID Death of a Person who Had Recovered from COVID
Another post-vaccine death of someone who had recovered from COVID so had existing antibodies and should not have been jabbed.

How concerned are you about adverse events related to the vaccines? Commenting is limited to medical professionals. 542 comments as of June 13, 2021.


As of June 11, 2021 Deaths of 459 Breakthrough Cases reported in the CDC VAERS data.

June 12, 2021. As of June 4, 2021, CDC: 5,888 DEAD 329,021 Injuries from COVID-19 Shots – More than Previous 29 Years of VAERS Vaccine Deaths plus 4, 583 permanent disabilities; 19,554 hospitalizations; 5,884 life-threatening events. To put this into perspective, these totals represent a 6-month period since December, 2020, when the FDA gave emergency use authorization to these shots, and the death total now exceeds all deaths recorded in VAERS following vaccinations for the past 29 years, since the beginning of 1992.  This is genocide. And as many dissenting medical doctors and scientists have stated, these are bioweapon shots designed by eugenicists to reduce the world’s population.  Also reported here  and   from CHD's Defender from Dec. 15 to June 4, 2021

CDC calls urgent meeting over 226 cases of heart inflammation in teenage boys who have had Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. 11 June 2021 US health officials Thursday announced higher than expected reports of heart inflammation in male teens and young adults after getting their second doses

Episode 219: June 10, 2021 The Highwire. IN HARM’S WAY. Fauci Emails Hit Mainstream; TX & FL Rock Cruise Lines; Dr. Mike Yeadon Exposes Possible Covid Fraud; Utah Family Devastated By Covid Vaccine (at about the 50 min mark). Guests: Cherie Romney & Dr. Mike Yeadon

In the comments submitted in response to this Medscape article there are many people including ones identifying themselves as physicians discussing Covid "vaccine" side effects.

Blood clots: Nurse talks about her dad’s death after COVID injection. Casandra Yoder tells me that her father was feared and pressured to taking the jab 'by the propaganda around COVID.' Jun 8, 2021

Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: a rare disease associated Acquired with BNT162b2 vaccine.  08 June 2021. "Post vaccination thrombocytopenia assessment should include immune thrombocytopenic purpura, vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia and acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura."

COVID-19 Vaccination-Induced Rash: Does the Choice of Vaccine Matter? June 07, 2021. "... we discuss the incidence of widespread rashes that develop in some individuals after receiving COVID-19 vaccines by both AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca plc, Cambridge, UK) and Pfizer-BioNTech (Pfizer Inc., Brooklyn, NY; BioNTech SE, Mainz, Germany). The systemic skin reaction varied from maculopapular rashes to papules and patches that were widespread and not simply localised to the vaccine injection site."  "Physical examination was remarkable for petechia and ecchymosis on the lower limbs."

Worldwide Genocide Continues: 13,867 DEAD and 1,354,336 Injuries in European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots June 7, 2021.

06/10/21. CDC: Teens Vaccinated With Pfizer or Moderna at Higher Risk of Heart Inflammation. In guidance quietly updated June 1, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there is a higher-than-expected number of cases of myocarditis among young teens after the second dose of an mRNA COVID vaccine.

Creator of CDC COVID vaccine app dies two months after taking jab. Company mourns his passing ‘from Covid-19’. Joel Robert Kallman is one of thousands of cases of 'breakthrough' COVID infection – if that is indeed what he died of, and not complications of the vaccine itself – in people who have received a COVID vaccine. Jun 7, 2021

The Israeli People`s Committee: Report of Adverse Events Related to the Corona Vaccine, May 2021: Never has a vaccine injured so many

A Report on the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) of the COVID-1 9 Messenger Ribonucleic Acid (mRNA) Biologicals by Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc. May 2021.

Latest VAERS Data: 5,165 Deaths Reported Following COVID Vaccines. VAERS data released today showed 294,801 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 5,165 deaths and 25,359 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 28, 2021.

Study: Analysis of VAERS Shows the COVID Shots are Likely Cause of Deaths, Spontaneous Abortions, Cardiovascular, Neurological, and Immunological Adverse Events. May 19, 2021.  Editor, Health Impact News. America’s Frontline Doctors has published a video of a presentation by Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc, who has analyzed the data in the VAERS database related to the COVID shots. The presentation was for “Vaccine Choice Canada.”

Dr. Jessica Rose has a BSc in Applied Mathematics and completed her MSc in Immunology at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. She completed her PhD in Computational Biology at Bar Ilan University and then did her first Post Doctorate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Molecular Biology. ..She is now doing a second Post Doctorate at the Technion where she will explore the structure and function of transport proteins in bacteria from both experimental and computational points of view. (Source.) ..Dr. Rose challenges the “official” position of the political health authorities who keep telling the public that these thousands of reported deaths, and hundreds of thousands of adverse events reported to VAERS, have nothing to do with the COVID shots.

According to a Grant Final Report (from 2010) submitted to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (known as the Lazarus Report), their investigation comparing the actual outcome vs. what's reported to VAERS concluded that: “Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”   (And only adverse events or deaths within 30 days of the vaccination is considered.)

Covid Vaccine: The Same Pattern Everywhere? Mass Vaccination triggers sharp spike in Cases and Deaths. Global Research, May 16, 2021

Acute reduction of visual acuity and visual field after Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine 2nd dose: a case report April 13, 2021.

COVID-19 vaccines may be even worse than other vaccines in terms of capturing adverse events, since COVID vaccines are given free, at any vaccination stations, and no record is kept of who got it.  But all the vaccine adverse events monitoring systems that CDC had "stood up" are based on access to medical records or insurance claims, as Dr. Meryl Nass pointed out.  This is probably the weasel reason how the official "investigation" about the COVID vaccine deaths could possibly conclude that ZERO of the over 1,600 vaccine deaths reported to VAERS were caused by the vaccines!

Woman Regrets Getting J&J Vaccine After Suffering Blood Clots, German Scientists Say They May Know What’s Causing Clots. May 28, 2021. Symptoms started six to eight days after getting Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine when doctors discovered blood clots in her lungs, stomach, brain and throat.

Video: An analysis of VAERS data throttling There is no assurance that the Dec - Feb data in VAERS is complete.
Presenter postulates a fraction of 1% of injuries are posted by VAERS. Historically, 50% of VAERS vaccine deaths were from children 3 yrs or younger. Wave of deaths coming. More on channel:

Ischaemic stroke as a presenting feature of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopaenia. May 25, 2021. British Medical Journal.

At Least 18 Cases of Apparent Heart Problems in Young People in CT After COVID-19 Vaccine. May 24, 2021.  "All of the cases that were reported to us were hospitalized, the vast majority for a couple of days," Gifford said at the governor's regular Monday COVID-19 news conference. "One individual that we’re aware of is still hospitalized. The other 17 have been sent home and they’re doing fine." 

05/26/21 Before COVID Vaccine, Her Son Was a Healthy Athlete — Now He Can ‘Barely Walk,’ Mom Says.   [Read the warnings of doctors and scientists explaining why vaccines that cause the body to manufacture spike proteins cause blood clots around the brain and in other organs.]

May 25, 2021 Should you get vaccinated? Steve Kirsch is a high-tech serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He has been a medical philanthropist for more than 20 years. When the pandemic started, he left his day job at M10 and started the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF) which funds researchers from all over the world running outpatient clinical trials on repurposed drugs.

Dramatic increase worldwide in COVID Deaths coincides with COVID vaccine rollouts.  May 22, 2021. Example India.

CDC Investigating Reports of Heart Inflammation in Young Covid Vaccine Recipients. May 17, 2021. Actual CDC Report.

COVID deaths in India rise sharply after COVID vaccine rollout
COVID deaths in India rise sharply after COVID vaccine rollout


UK: PHE Study Showing Vaccines “90% Effective” is Plagued With Problems – and the Post-Vaccination Infection Spike is There Again May 22, 2021.

Israel Studying Possible Link Between Heart Inflammation and Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Shot. May 17, 2021

10,570 Dead 405,259 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines” May 17 , 2021

More than One Million Adverse Events for all vaccines Have Been Reported to VAERS for All Vaccines (1,034,095) between 1990 and May 14, 2021.. This week, VAERS hit a milestone in terms of the numbers of total vaccine adverse events reported to the federal vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) since it was created under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and began operation in 1990.  Over 225,000Adverse Event Reports for COVID-19 Vaccine.   Use VAERS Search HelpLearn more at

The Deadly COVID-19 Vaccine Coverup.  Chart visualizations of CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System and other data. May 4, 2021.

VAERS analysis of COVID versis Non-COVID vaccine Deaths

The COVID Blog. Official blog of COVID Legal USA. Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.

Dr Tenpenny cites a study ending February 28, 2021, in which, of 827 pregnant women studied who received the shot , 107 had miscarriages, and of those miscarriages 96 were in first trimester. listen at 19 min. Here is the original April 21, 2021 article from the New England Journal

Watch: Impact of COVID-19 vaccination on mortality May 13, 2021. "post-vaccination" death rates spike in country after country. China had fewer deaths using their own vaccine and vaccinated few; Japan, South Africa, and South Korea vaccinated few; 3rd world countries like El Salvador and Nicaragua, that either didn't have vaccine supplies or did not distribute many of them, had no excess deaths; Denmark wised up early on and banned injections for major population groups—the elderly, women of child-bearing age, those with co-morbidities—and had among the lowest death rates. Germany and France did not peak and have remained flat, since their populations are better-educated on this matter, and many refused the injections. Data from See vaccination as of rates

CDC Data Show 4,000+ Reported Deaths Following COVID Vaccines as Kids 12 and Older Now Eligible May 14, 2021. Of the 4,057 deaths reported as of May 7, 24% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, 16% occurred within 24 hours and 38% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated.

As of May 7, 2021, VAERS (CDC's vaccine adverse events reports) COVID vaccine data show:

Reports submitted to CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System as of April 16, 2021

51 counties with more than a fourfold increase in elderly mortality during COVID vaccination period
51 German counties had more than a fourfold increase in elderly mortality
during the post-COVID vaccination period than in the prior year

30,000 Cases Of Side Effects Reported From AstraZeneca CoviShield Vaccines In Sweden May 14, 2021.  Reported suspected adverse reactions - corona vaccines. As of May 12, 2021. Sweden seems to have more participation in its reporting system than the US.

Del Bigtree sits down with three healthcare workers who were on the frontline of Covid vaccine rollouts in America. May 12, 2021. In a candid and emotional interview, the three women go back to the day they received their vaccine, the severe reactions they endured starting just days after, and the complete denial the medical community has towards the groundswell of injured people looking for help. 38 members of this group of now disabled convulsing vaccinated, cannot drive a car, no jobs, no income, and no help from vaccine manufacturer, pharmacist, or employer.

Healthcare workers report suffering ‘full body convulsions’ after COVID-19 vaccines'... when the convulsions started, I knew it had to be from the vaccine,” Angelia Gipson Desselle said. “I was a normal forty-five-year-old healthy person… I never in a million years thought I would be like this today' May 11, 2021

Two young mothers paralyzed after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine ... both experienced intense neck pain and were unable to walk shortly receiving a Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. May 11, 2021

Women Report Menstrual Irregularities After COVID-19 Vaccination. by Rishma Parpia May 10, 2021. Two scientists working at Washington University and University of Illinois, who themselves experienced irregular menstrual cycles following COVID-19 vaccination, decided that the issue deserved more attention and began collecting and examining anecdotal data on women’s menstruation experiences after COVID-19 vaccination with the aim of facilitating further research.16

Utah teenager hospitalized with blood clots after COVID-19 vaccine shot May 10, 2021.

Remember this?  Front line Nurse Tiffany Dover died. The Pfizer "vaccine" killed her, right before our eyes. In French. March 13, 2021

More Than 100 Patients Die After Taking First Or Second Shot Of COVID-19 Vaccine In A Hospital In India. May 9, 2021.

Ophthalmologists Now Ethically Obligated to Denounce COVID-19 Vaccines, as 20,000 New Eye Disorders Are Reported May 5, 2021.

Highly Cited COVID Doctor Comes to Stunning Conclusion: Government ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ of Injection-related Deaths May 4, 2021.

Review some First-hand testimonies and reports from those who have experienced adverse reactions due to the COVID vaccine Updated May 4, 2021.

A case of graphical correlations: Making sense of India’s COVID-19 surge Wed May 5, 2021. [KD: Two more countries, India and Mongolia, where the rollout of experimental COVID vaccinations coincides with a sharp increase in COVID cases and deaths. 

The coincidental rise of new variants timed with COVID vaccination rollouts - may be due either to the jabbed incubating new variants (as predicted by Geert Bosche) or by the vaccinated shedding some of those billions of spike proteins the jab causes their bodies to make onto people around them during a potentially month-long post-jab shedding period.)

According to the World Health Organization’s European drug monitoring agency, there have been 19,916 reports of “eye disorders” — including hundreds of reports of blindness — following COVID vaccines.

The Pentagon is tracking 14 cases of heart inflammation in service members who received either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. “These are young, healthy men,” Mary said. “About 30% – 40% are refusing the vaccine — these are some of the most aware people about vaccine injury and risk.”

Reports of menstrual cycle changes after COVID vaccine highlight issues with clinical trials.  April 30, 2021

Breast-fed Baby passes away after being poisoned by Mother who had taken the Pfizer Covid Vaccine APRIL 24, 2021   A five-month-old baby has tragically died after becoming seriously ill within hours of his mother receiving a dose of the experimental Pfizer / BioNTech Covid vaccine.

15-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Heart Attack Two Days After Taking Pfizer Vaccine, Had No History Of Allergic Reactions. A 15-year-old boy in Colorado died of a heart attack only two day after taking the Pfizer vaccine. He had no history of medical issues.

Jack Last: 27-year-old British engineer dead 21 days after experimental AstraZeneca viral vector shot April 30, 2021. AstraZeneca viral vector shot on March 30, according to The Sun U.K. He suffered from excruciating headaches thereafter, which forced him to check into the Hospital on April 9. But they could do nothing to save the “fit and healthy” young man...

Scots woman's severe reaction to Covid vaccine turned both legs into 'giant blisters' and left her in wheelchair. April 21, 2021.

Unvaccinated Women Report Miscarriages After Interactions with Vaccinated People. April 16, 2021

At Least 60% of All New COVID-19 ‘Cases’ Are Occurring in People Who Were Already Vaccinated. April 23, 2021/ Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at Yale University, has calculated that upwards of 60 percent of all new “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are occurring in people who were already “vaccinated” for the disease. ...As we have been warning, the so-called “third wave” of the Wuhan Virus will be due to people who were vaccinated contracting and spreading the disease to others.

Pfizer Shot Effects
Pfizer Shot Effects

Two Year Old Baby Died Within Six Days Of Taking Second Shot Of Pfizer Vaccine In Clinical Trials On Children. April 28, 2021

Interview: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, an American-trained microbiologist now living in Germany, who says that the stronger the immune system, as in young people, the more deadly the vaccination becomes.  This is because the immune system attacks the body's cells when a live virus is encountered.  He says there is no cure.

Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 44 with special guests Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Lee Merritt & Dr. Christiane Northrup  IS THEIR "SHOT" PUTTING YOU AT RISK

According to the US vaccine adverse events reporting system (VAERS), post-COVID-vaccine death rates are much higher for the elderly than for any other prior vaccines.  An  FDA study of Pfizer shot's adverse events shows 59.4% of recipients have fatigue, 51.7% have headaches, after receiving shot.

ICAN, through its attorneys, has written to Dr. Jeffery Duffy, who works for the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office, to point out evidence directly contradicting his remarks made at a recent Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccinations.

In a recent legal update, ICAN shared a letter sent to the CDC’s Director regarding its claim that “Anaphylaxis after COVID-19 vaccination is rare and occurred in approximately 2 to 5 people per million vaccinated in the United States based on events reported to VAERS.” ...This claim is contradicted by a recent study at Mass General Brigham that assessed anaphylaxis in a clinical setting after the administration of COVID-19 vaccines and, in stark contrast to the CDC’s claim, found “severe reactions consistent with anaphylaxis occurred at a rate of 2.47 per 10,000 vaccinations.”  This is equivalent to 50 times to 120 times more cases than what VAERS and the CDC are reporting! 

New Side Effect From mRNA COVID Vaccines?— in Israeli case series. MedPage April 15, 2021. Herpes zoster reactivation -- a.k.a. shingles -- following COVID-19 vaccination in six patients with comorbid autoimmune /inflammatory diseases may be a new adverse event associated with the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine, suggested a new report.... At two centers in Israel, there have been six cases of herpes zoster developing shortly after administration of the Pfizer vaccine in patients with disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis since December 2020

Actor Vivek critical after cardiac arrest, hospitalised in Chennai [the day after receiving the COVID vaccine]. April 16, 2021. no links between the cardiac arrest and the vaccine have been established.  April 17, Beloved Kollywood actor and comedian Vivek passed away in the early hours of Saturday.

Mainstream Media Silence: CDC Reports 2,794 Deaths Following Experimental COVID Injections – Europe Nearly Double That Plus Almost A Quarter Million Injuries April 10, 2021. In what is becoming the most censored story probably in the history of the United States, the CDC has reported this week that 2,794 deaths have been reported to VAERS as of April 5, 2021, following injections of the three experimental, non-FDA approved, COVID-19 injections...  To put this into some perspective, there were a total of 345 deaths recorded in VAERS following vaccines for all of 2020.... From 2010 through the end of 2020, an entire decade spanning 11 years, there were a total of 2,588 deaths recorded following vaccines. So deaths following vaccines during the first three months of 2021 have now exceeded total deaths for the past 11 years.

German data shows Dramatic increase in deaths among seniors since "corona vaccinations" began. Translated by Corona Investigative. March 30, 2021. for people in the age group 80 years and older - that is, for seniors... compared the number of so-called Covid-19 deaths in the age group over almost the entire year 2020, from 01/01/2020 - 12/27/2020, with the number of deaths in the period from 12/28/2020 - 02/24/2021... Corona-related deaths in the past two months is at least as high almost everywhere as it was in the previous 12 months. In 51 counties, mortality is more than four times higher during the COVID vaccination period than in the prior 12 months, and in 22 of those counties, it is more than six times higher than in the prior 12 months.

Fourth site halts J&J vaccinations within three days: Georgia clinic pauses shots over eight 'adverse reactions' after similar holds in Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina. 9 April 2021. J&J vaccinations have now resumed at a Colorado site that reported 11 people had had bad reactions to the one-dose vaccine and two were taken to hospitals on Wednesday, as well as at a North Carolina site where 18 people had reactions. Four were taken to hospitals. No details were released in the other states.

Blood clot type adverse reactions by vaccine manufacturer

Latest VAERS Data Show Reports of Blood Clotting Disorders After All Three Emergency Use Authorization Vaccines. 04/16/21

Frontline Workers' Testimonies and VAERS Reports April 11, 2021.

North Carolina College Professor DEAD After Johnson and Johnson COVID Shot. March 28, 2021.

Man’s skin ‘peeled off’ in rare reaction to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine. March 30, 2021

VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS causing sudden school closures around the country. Can you remember a single time when a school was closed–not due to a virus, but due to the ‘vaccine’ meant to prevent the side effects of a virus? Well, it is happening now, and few if any national outlets are reporting on it.

Lockdown Skeptics reported on a  number of studies that show a spike in SARS-COV-2 infections in the days following vaccination: the FDA Pfizer report found a 40% increase in the vaccinated versus placebo arm in the first week of the trial; an Israeli study reported a doubling in daily incidence until about eight days after the Pfizer vaccine had been given; a Danish paper showing a 40% increase of COVID-19 in the vaccinated in the first two weeks; and a Public Health England study that noted a 48% increase in COVID infections in those 70 years and older in the first nine days after vaccination.

Report. How many Covid-19 vaccine deaths are acceptable? March 23, 2021. "... since you can prevent deaths from a medical intervention if it proves deleterious, simply by ceasing to use it: How many deaths from Covid-19 vaccines should be allowed?"

Concord, Massachusetts Cancels School Due To Bad Reactions To COVID-19 Vaccine.  March 2021. Concord teachers and district staff received coronavirus vaccinations on Sunday; Bow, Hopkinton employees also report issues.

Massachusetts' Elderly Deaths Spike Coincides with Elderly COVID Vaccinations
USA. Massachusetts: Spike in Elderly Deaths Coincides
with COVID Post-Vaccination

Massachusetts: "Unexplained" Sharp Spike in Excess Deaths Coinciding with Vaccinations of High-Risk Elderly Population. Unusual amount of elderly post-vaccination deaths when Massachusetts began vaccinating its residents of long term care facilities, rest homes and assisted living facilities in mid December in phase one of its vaccine rollout.  The CDC's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data similarly reports a much higher rate of post-vaccine deaths in elderly groups as compared to any prior type of vaccine. (See below.) Notice, a much smaller wave of excess deaths in Massachusetts appeared to be leveling off in mid-December, until COVID vaccinations began of high-risk elderly groups after December 16, 2020.  Similar "unexplained", "coincidental" post-vaccination death spikes of high-risk elderly persons occurred in the UK, Gibralter, Israel, and in other US locations (See this web page below).


UK: Large bump in Excess Deaths Associated with Covid Vaccine Rollout
UK: Large bump in Excess Deaths Associated with Covid Vaccine Rollout

British government now reports 524 deaths following COVID vaccination. Of those deaths, 22 were unborn babies, and one baby did not survive premature birth. Mar 17, 2021

UK COVID death spike & increased elderly deaths coincide with vaccine rollout
UK COVID death spike & increased elderly deaths
coinciding with COVID vaccinations

Vaccination in Israel: Challenging mortality figures? Analysis by infectious disease specialist claims mismatch between data published by authorities and reality on the groundFeb 18 , 2021. The paper interviews Aix-Marseille University Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Unit's Dr. Hervé Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ about their research and data analysis. They claim that

Pfizer's shot causes "mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine, and dozens of times more in the elderly, when the documented mortality from coronavirus is in the vicinity of the vaccine dose, thus adding greater mortality from heart attack, stroke, etc.

  • The authors say “vaccinations have caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have caused during the same period."
  • Haim Yativ and Dr. Seligmann declare that for them, "this is a new Holocaust," in face of Israeli authority pressure to vaccinate citizens.

Our analyses indicate orders of magnitude increases in deaths rates during the 5-week long vaccination process, as compared to the unvaccinated and those after completing the vaccination process. Presumably, asymptomatic cases before vaccination, and those infected shortly after the 1st dose, tend to develop graver symptoms than those unvaccinated.

UK SARS-COV2 variant takes off coinciding with COVID Vaccine Rollout
UK SARS-COV2 variant takes off coinciding with COVID Vaccine Rollout (Red Line UK variant rises sharply beginning with December 2020 COVID vaccinations.)

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/
BioNTech vaccine
– reports (January 1, 2021)

The Probe into the Israeli Vaccine Policy and its Outcome is beyond Damning By Gilad Atzmon | March 23, 2021.

“An examination of mortality data published by the government shows that there is a correlation between number of vaccinations and the number of deaths. The excess mortality is noticeable among people up to 70 and also among adults over the age of 70, and remains even after offsetting the deaths attributed to Corona. In the population over the age of 70 – in January 2021 an excess mortality of 19.5% was observed compared to October 2020 – the month when the corona data were highest, and 22.4% compared to January 2020. In the younger population – an excess mortality of 7% was observed in January 2021 compared to the month October 2020 – the month in which the corona death numbers were the highest, and 7% compared to January 2020. It should be noted that this trend continues in the following month as well.”

As mentioned above I have been writing about the devastating correlation between vaccines and deaths since early January. In Britain and the USA, we detect identical correlation between mass vaccination and death. However, far more problematic is the realm of side effects, something which governments, the WHO, the corrupted pharmaceutical industry, and of course social media giants attempt to suppress in the most Orwellian manner.

Why Is There A Correlation Between The Vaccine Rollout And Increased COVID–19 Mortality? February 2021.

Women Are at Higher Risk for COVID Vaccine Reactions Than Men. March 21, 2021. During the study period (Dec. 14, 2020 – Jan. 13, 2021) 13,794,904 COVID-19 vaccines were given. A total of 6,994 adverse reactions were reported to VAERS. Though 8,436,863 (61.2 percent) doses were given to women, 5,505 (78.7 percent) of the reported reactions occurred in women, compared with 1,408 (20.1 percent) in men.

Vaccine side effects are seen up to three times more often in people who have previously been infected with coronavirus March 2021 Sarah Knapton

COVID vaccines can be deadly for some. A review of the data made available by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), shows many cases of people who got COVID-19 and survived, only to die soon after receiving their COVID vaccine. Fri Apr 9, 2021

Why have 20 countries, including Germany, suspended AstraZenaca's Covid Vaccine, when the Pfizer Vaccine has a slightly higher rate of reported blood clots?

Germany’s medicine regulator the Paul Ehrlich Institute published a detailed FAQ to explain its controversial actions and recommendations.

A specific form of severe cerebral venous thrombosis associated with platelet deficiency (thrombocytopenia) and bleeding has been identified in seven cases (as of March 15th 2021) in temporal association with vaccination with COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca.

(1) It is a very serious disease that is also difficult to treat. Of the seven affected individuals, three individuals had died.

(2) The affected individuals had ages ranging from about 20 to 50 years.

(3) Six of the affected persons had a particu

form of cerebral venous thrombosis, called sinus vein thrombosis. All six individuals were younger to middle-aged women (see above). Another case with cerebral haemorrhage in platelet deficiency and thrombosis was medically very comparable. All cases occurred between four and 16 days after vaccination with COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca. This presented as a comparable pattern.

(4) The number of these cases after vaccination with COVID-19 AstraZeneca is statistically significantly higher than the number of cerebral venous thromboses that normally occur in the unvaccinated population. For this purpose, an observed-versus-expected analysis was performed, comparing the number of cases expected without vaccination in a 14-day time window with the number of cases reported after approximately 1.6 million AstraZeneca vaccinations in Germany. About one case would have been expected, and seven cases had been reported.

(5) The younger to middle-aged population affected by the severe cerebral venous thrombosis with platelet deficiency is not the population at high risk for a severe or even fatal COVID-19 course.

(6) In addition to the experts from the Paul Ehrlich Institute, other experts in thrombosis, haematology, and an adenovirus specialist were consulted with the details of the reported cases. All experts agreed unanimously that a pattern could be discerned here and that a connection between the reported above-mentioned diseases and the vaccination with COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca was not implausible. After an overall review and consideration of the above facts, the Paul Ehrlich Institute recommended that vaccination with the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca be suspended in Germany as a precautionary measure in order to further analyse the cases. The German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) has followed this recommendation. The Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will review during the week of March 15th 2021, whether and how the new findings affect the benefit-risk profile of COVID-19 AstraZeneca and the EU authorisation of the vaccine

Whistleblower reveals pregnancy complications after COVID-19 vaccine. March 2021. None of the COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for pregnant women...We’re up to 35 adverse pregnancy outcomes (preterm birth, miscarriage, spontaneous abortion) related to the ‘vaccine’ and 25 ‘birth defects’.

Comparison of January 2021 to all of 2020. Percentage of VAERS postvaccination deaths by Age Class
Comparison of January 2021 to all of 2020. Percentage of VAERS postvaccination deaths
by Age Class

Postvaccination Mortality in the USA: unusual proportion of deaths in reports on vaccine reactions from January 2021 VAERS is the federal institution centralizing reports on adverse reactions to vaccines in the USA. Data are not extensive and are limited to those reported to VAERS. The data are publicly available since 1990 at: ... Inspection of VAERS data across various years find consistent patterns in percentages of postvaccination deaths according to age classes. For each year, there are tens of thousands of individual cases reported.... In January 2021 there were 2947 reported cases, an amount similar to monthly amounts reported in previous years. Among these, 1980 were post-COVID-19 Pfizer and 954 Moderna vaccination reactions... In January 2021, 456 postvaccination deaths were reported... Overall, percentages of deaths according to age classes for January 2021 resembles those observed for previous years. However, the main difference is in the systematically much higher percentages of deaths, 146 times higher for 50 to 59 year olds, 150 times higher for age class 60 to 69, 129 times higher for 70 to 79 year olds.  This suggests highly dangerous adverse effects by mRNA-based vaccine technology as compared to classical vaccines.  See chart below from

Another Israeli article translated from Hebrew that sheds suspicion on Pzifer's mRNA human trial data included this: "Today a professor in epidemiology from an US university contacted me in relation to a previous article with interesting comments. He added a table that shows well mortality after the mRNA vaccines according to time, from reports to VAERS, see table below. ..The table shows that these 830 post-vaccine deaths happen mainly within the 4 first days after vaccination. "

 Days to death after COVID Vaccination from professor in epidemiology from an US university
 Days to death of 830 persons post-COVID vaccination by a US university epidemiology professor.
The table shows post-vaccine deaths happen mainly within the 4 first days after vaccination.

Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects World Map

This UK Medical Freedom site tries to keep up with all the reported COVID vaccine adverse reaction reports

Gibralter Spike in Excess Deaths with Covid Vaccine Rollout
Gibralter Spike in Excess Deaths with Covid Vaccine Rollout

Swiss Policy Research: Can Covid Vaccinations Drive Covid Deaths? February 2021.  A British author has noted that while covid infections and deaths have declined sharply in most countries since the beginning of the year, countries with some of the highest vaccination rates have seen much slower declines or, in some cases, even increases in infections and deaths. Examples include Israel, Gibraltar, the Seychelles, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Serbia, Chile, Malta, and Monaco (see cumulative chart above; the curves should have leveled off).

In the best case, this correlation is simply coincidental. In the worst case, vaccines might, theoretically, have something to do with it. But there is a third possible explanation: the process of mass vaccination - with millions of high-risk people visiting vaccination centers, or being visited by mobile vaccination teams, eg in nursing homes - might accelerate infections, and ultimately deaths, in high-risk groups, before full vaccine protection becomes effective.  Indeed, several countries have reported large covid outbreaks in nursing homes shortly after residents had received their first or even second vaccine doses.

The obvious solution to reduce this danger is to put high-risk groups on ivermectin-based prophylaxis until they are fully vaccinated. But apparently, most Western health authorities want to prevent this at all costs, perhaps fearing that it might question their vaccination campaign.

Pandemic Time Series Data and Analytics Shows Increased Deaths in England due to COVID Plus Increased Deaths following Lockdowns and COVID Vaccinations Data from the UK Office of National StatisticsJoel Smalley (MBA, Quantitative Analyst) unpacks the mortality during the Pandemic in England and explores what impact Covid-19 has had upon overall mortality amongst other key factors that must be considered in evaluat Cing the impact of the Pandemic. Joel Smalley is an experienced quantitative analyst who is also a member of HART, a group of UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts, and PANDA - Pandemic Data & Analytics, where both organisations independetly seek to widen the debate in order to formulate an exit strategy that benefits everyone in society. Joel Smalley Video Interview Explaining his COVID Analyses

Excess Deaths due to COVID-19, Lockdowns, and Vaccinations
England's Excess Deaths March 2020 to February 2021
Due to COVID (blue), Denial of Healthcare/Lockdowns (green), and Unexplained following vaccinations (orange)
Source: Joel Smalley's Video Interview

UK: As we see Covid 19 deaths amongst the elderly increasing, with further mortality increases (for whatever reason) post vaccination, February 2021. Interview: The picture provided by this individual of some 30 years professional care experience at high management level, is that vulnerable elderly people, in facilities that formerly had no outbreaks, are becoming sick and are dying, their hard pressed carers are also becoming sick, and yet to speak out brings indifference at best, and real threats to the whistleblower’s job at worst.

You cannot sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either

As of March 13, 2021 there were 3,964 DEAD and 162,610 Injuries reported in the European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines"  The European Database of Suspected Adverse Drug Reaction Reports  is a system designed for collecting reports of suspected side effects. These reports are used for evaluating the benefits and risks of medicines during their development and monitoring their safety following their authorisation in the European Economic Area (EEA). EudraVigilance has been in use since December 2001.  For example, here are the Pfizer data through March 13, 2021:

BioNTechPfizer: 2,540 deaths and 102,100 injuries to 13/03/2021

Image removed.


  • 7,604 Blood and lymphatic system disorders incl. 15 deaths
  • 4,636 Cardiac disorders incl. 276 deaths
  • 22 Congenital, familial and genetic disorders incl. 2 deaths
  • 2,683 Ear and labyrinth disorders
  • 52 Endocrine disorders
  • 2,941 Eye disorders incl. 2 deaths
  • 23,074 Gastrointestinal disorders incl. 125 deaths
  • 72,072 General disorders and administration site conditions incl. 957 deaths
  • 102 Hepatobiliary disorders incl. 12 deaths
  • 1,928 Immune system disorders incl. 11 deaths
  • 6,020 Infections and infestations incl. 275 deaths
  • 2,198 Injury, poisoning and procedural complications incl. 32 deaths
  • 4,565 Investigations incl. 111 deaths
  • 1,567 Metabolism and nutrition disorders incl. 49 deaths
  • 37,365 Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders incl. 22 deaths
  • 55 Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl cysts and polyps) incl. 3 deaths
  • 44,993 Nervous system disorders incl. 185 deaths
  • 81 Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions incl. 2 deaths
  • 57 Product issues
  • 3,742 Psychiatric disorders incl. 28 deaths
  • 525 Renal and urinary disorders incl. 37 deaths
  • 545 Reproductive system and breast disorders
  • 8,788 Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders incl. 294 deaths
  • 10,808 Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders incl. 18 deaths
  • 229 Social circumstances incl. 6 deaths
  • 69 Surgical and medical procedures incl. 4 deaths
  • 4,820 Vascular disorders incl. 74 deaths

The CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System  

Note: a 2010 study (Lazarus et al, 2010) commissioned by the CDC, concluded that “fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries” are reported to VAERS. A 2015 study (Shimabukuro et al, 2015) similarly concluded that vaccine adverse events are underreported.

Current total # US vaccine doses administered.

Facebook Posts Back Up VAERS Reports Linking COVID Vaccines to Injuries, Including Death As the number of reported injuries and deaths following COVID vaccines continues to climb in VAERS, the CDC’s official vaccine adverse event reporting system, social media users also point to Facebook posts by people who enthusiastically got the vaccine, but have since died. By Celeste McGovern  02/25/21


COVID vaccinations began on Dec. 14, 2020On December 18, 2020, the adverse event rate in the U.S. was 2.79%, which is greater than the risk of dying if a person is infected with the SARS-COV-2 virus. COVID-19 has an overall infection fatality rate (IFR)  of 0.26% but 0.01% (1 in 10,000) for those under 40 years old.

  • As of Jan. 15, there were 181 U.S. deaths and 7,844 adverse reactions.  
  • As of  1/28/21 VAERS/CDC reported 329 deaths and 9,845 cases with side effects after vaccination.  
  • As of 1/29/21 VAERS reported 501 deaths and 11,249 cases with side effects from COVID vaccines.
  • As of 2/4/21 VAERS reported 653 deaths and 12,697 cases with side effects from COVID vaccines. 
  • As of 2/12/2021 VAERS reported 929 deaths and 15,923 cases with side effects. 
  • 2/18/2021 VAERS reported 1097 deaths and 19,907 cases with side effects from COVID vaccines.

  • 2/26/21 VAERS reports include 1265 deaths and 25,212 adverse events and 4,424 serious injuries from COVID vaccines.

  •  As of 3/5/21, VAERS reports include  1,524 deaths 30% within 48 hours post-vaccination, 19% were cardiac disorders, 31,079 adverse events, 5,507 serious injuries and 390 reports of Bell’s Palsy; 265 adverse events in pregnant women including 85 miscarriage or premature birth. None of the COVID vaccines approved for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) have been tested for safety or efficacy in pregnant women; and 1,689 reports of anaphylaxis. See

  • As of 3/11/21, VAERS reported 90 cases of miscarriage or premature birth; 289 cases of adverse events in pregnant women; and 483 reports of Bell's Palsy.

  • As of March 18, 2021 VAERS reports 1,739 deaths, 38,444 adverse events, 6,286 serious events post-vaccination; most among over 75 year olds.

  • 44,606 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 2,050 deaths and 7,095 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and March 19, 2021

  • As of March 19, 321 pregnant women had reported adverse events related to COVID vaccines, including 97 reports of miscarriage or premature birth. None of the COVID vaccines approved for Emergency Use Authorization has been confirmed safe or effective for pregnant women, although J&J said earlier this month it would begin testing on pregnant women, infants and the immunocompromised.
  • 535 cases of Bell’s Palsy. Of those, 64% of cases were reported after Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations — almost twice as many as reported (36%) following vaccination with the Moderna vaccine. Three cases of Bell’s Palsy were reported with J&J’s vaccine (about 1%).
  • As of April 1, 2021 2,342 post-COVID vaccine deaths, 7,971 serious adverse events, 626 cases of Bell's palsy or facial paralysis, 56,869 adverse events
  • As of April 8, 2021, VAERS reports 2,602 post-vaccine deaths (55% 75+ years old), 8,285 serious adverse events (15% under aged 44 yo) (about 98% mRNA, 3% Johnson & Johnson), 678 cases of palsy (96.5% from the mRNA vaccines), 68,347 adverse events
Serious Adverse Events by Manufacturer
Serious Adverse Events by Manufacturer
  •  April 16 2021 release of VAERS data: 10,594 serious adverse events; 3,186 cases where Patient Died; 1,123 cases of  Symptom is Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or Cerebral venous thrombosis or Coagulopathy or Deep vein thrombosis or Disseminated intravascular coagulation or Embolism or Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or Immune thrombocytopenia or Immune thrombocytopenic purpura or Ischaemic stroke or Myocardial infarction or Petechiae or Pulmonary embolism or Purpura or Thrombocytopenia or Thrombosis or Vasculitis; 820 cases  Symptom is Bell's palsy or Facial discomfort or Facial dysmorphism or Facial nerve disorder or Facial neuralgia or Facial palsy or Facial paralysis or Facial paresis or Facial spasm

  • Beginning on Dec. 14, 2020 to April 23, 2021, there have been 222.3 million COVID vaccine doses administered. This includes 97 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine, 117 million doses of Pfizer and 8 million doses of the Johnson &Johnson (J&J) COVID vaccine.  118,902 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 3,544 deaths — an increase of 358 over the previous week — and 12,619 serious injuries, up 2,467 since last week. Of the 3,544 deaths reported as of April 23, 25% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, 17% occurred within 24 hours and 40% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated. 1,099 cases of Bell’s Palsy reported, 51% of cases were reported after Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations, 39% following vaccination with the Moderna vaccine and 131 cases or 12% of Bell’s Palsy were reported in conjunction with J&J. 33,673 reports of anaphylaxis with 39% of cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine, 44% to Moderna and 16% to J&J. See
  • As of April 30, 2021, 3,837 post-vaccine deaths reported; 16,014 serious events; 1,631 Bells Palsy or other facial nerve disorder, paralysis, or spasms; 235 fetal issues such as aborted pregnancy or foetal or placenta disorders; 2,931 Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis or Cerebral venous thrombosis or Coagulopathy or Deep vein thrombosis or Disseminated intravascular coagulation or Embolism or Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or Immune thrombocytopenia or Immune thrombocytopenic purpura or Ischaemic stroke or Myocardial infarction or Petechiae or Pulmonary embolism or Purpura or Thrombocytopenia or Thrombosis or Vasculitis; 44,348 reports of anapylaxis including 38% in 17-44 Year old, 35% in 44-65 Year olds.
  • As of June 4, 2021, 900 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, among all age groups reported in the U.S following COVID vaccination, 533 cases attributed to Pfizer, 331 cases to Moderna and 32 cases to J&J’s COVID vaccine.
  • As of June 11, 2021, 5,993 deaths; 29,871 serious adverse events; 3,669 cases of Bell's palsy or other facial nerve disorders; 707 miscarriages, premature or still births; or foetal disorders; 6, 859 blood blots/thrombosis, heart attacks, or strokes.

68-Year-Old Dies After Anaphylactic Reaction to COVID Vaccine as CDC Continues to Ignore Inquiry Into Increasing Number of Deaths March 26, 2021.

Vaccine Deaths News & Articles

8 European nations including Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Norway and Iceland have decided to stop using the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine due to serious blood clot incidents

39-year-old Utah woman dies 4 days after second Moderna vaccine, autopsy ordered. Kassidi Kurill’s family said she had no known medical issues or pre-existing conditions, but her heart, liver and kidneys shut down after her second dose of the Moderna vaccine. Also reported here: March 2021

U.K. Gov. release 6th update on Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines which sees rate increase to 1 in 166 March 16, 2021

Heart Attack and Stroke After the Covid Vaccines March 13, 2021

On February 11 2021 Ynet (the most known Israeli News website) published a confused and confusing article entitled "Vaccination efficiency data in Israel, and its rapid effects on the young". ... "Our reanalyses of these data explain why during the massive vaccination project initiated mid-December 2020 during a confinement, daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases failed to decrease as they do during confinements, and, more importantly, why numbers of serious, critical and death cases increased during that period that covered at least one month. From mid-December to mid-February (two months), 2337 among all Israeli 5351 official COVID-deaths occurred. Translated to English: Our analyses indicate orders of magnitude increases in deaths rates during the 5-week long vaccination process, as compared to the unvaccinated and those after completing the vaccination process. Presumably, asymptomatic cases before vaccination, and those infected shortly after the 1st dose, tend to develop graver symptoms than those unvaccinated. .."

Israeli Health Ministry: Pfizer Vaccine Killed ‘About 40 Times More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed’ March 2021.  New analysis from the Israeli Health Ministry concluded Pfizer’s COVID vaccine killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period, and 260 times more younger people than would have died from the virus.

UK Data Show 402 Reports of Deaths Following COVID Vaccines. March 2021. Government data show that, compared with the Pfizer vaccine, there have been 43% more reports of injuries related to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK, including 77% more adverse events and 25% more deaths — but no red flags from UK regulators... Between Dec. 9, 2020 (when the first COVID vaccine was administered in the UK) and Feb. 14, 2021, 402 deaths following COVID vaccines have been reported to YellowCard, the UK government’s system for reporting side effects to COVID-related medicines, vaccines, devices, and defective or falsified products... Britain’s regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), runs YellowCard, which is the nearest British equivalent to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System or VAERS in the U.S...  The Pfizer vaccine was deployed during the second week of December 2020, and Oxford-AstraZeneca at the beginning of January.

Lockdown Dr. Anthony Devlon graphs increase in England & Wales Death Totals During COVID vaccination Period
Lockdown Dr. Anthony Devlon graphs increase in England & Wales death totals During COVID vaccination period

COVID-19 Vaccines Have Caused Bells Palsy Paralyzing Facial Condition.  February 2021.  A research study indicates that the chance of developing Bell's palsy is 3.5 to seven times higher among the vaccinated than the general population. Both mRNA vaccines demonstrate an imbalance of cases of Bell's palsy in the vaccine groups compared with the placebo groups. See

Emergency Room (ER) Sees Surge of Seniors After COVID-19 Vaccination, Says Nurse Whistleblower. February 2021.

28-Year-Old PhD Physical Therapist DEAD 2 Days After Being Injected with COVID Experimental mRNA Vaccine. February 2021.

Whistleblower: 25% of Residents in German Nursing Home Died After Pfizer Vaccine. March 2021.  Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer, attorneys and founding members of the German Corona Investigative Committee, interview a caregiver in a Berlin nursing home who describes what happened during and after the rollout of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. By Children's Health Defense Team "A team of three or four people, including a soldier in uniform, vaccinate residents, in many cases using force. The footage is troubling as it shows some people resisting the shots, being being vaccinated nonetheless."

Danger of mRNA vaccines to elderly under spotlight after 16 deaths in Switzerland  By Global Times Published: February 2021 The deaths occurred after being inoculated with Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines... A Chinese immunologist who requested anonymity told the Global Times that the large-scale use of mRNA vaccines carries the risk of causing abnormal immune dysfunction, allergy or even death, especially among the elderly and people with underlying diseases. The immunologist suggested individuals with preexisting conditions, the elderly and those with vulnerable immunity not be given vaccines.

UK Government Shocking Report: Experimental mRNA Injections Caused 1716 Cases of Eye Disorders and Left 22 People Blind. February 20, 2021. Optic neuritis can be a vaccine adverse event that causes blindness.  Optic neuritis adverse events were also associated with the nasal flu vaccine and anthrax vaccines.

More on the Surging Covid Death Toll in Gibraltar. The high death toll in Gibraltar has coincided with the vaccine roll out.

In Colorado, a woman’s armpit lymph node swelled to the size of a golf ball within days of the vaccine.

Could a new wave of COVID-attributed deaths be caused by the COVID vaccine? In Kentucky and Arkansas, elderly who had recovered from COVID, died within hours after being vaccinated.

Video Interview: Many Dying in Israel Following the Experimental Pfizer COVID mRNA Injections

Videos of Forced COVID Vaccines in Nursing Homes: "We're Dealing with Homicide, Maybe Even Murder"

Four people in the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine trial and three people in the Moderna trial developed Bell's palsy. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are yet to find a link between the vaccination and the disorder.

A Missouri healthcare worker, suffering a severe allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine, blacked out for 30 hours, waking up on a ventilator.  There is no eligibility for any financial compensation for these experimental vaccine injuries today. The only option if someone gets sick or even dies from the vaccine is to file under what’s called “countermeasures.” New laws also reduce the time you have to make a claim, from three years with other vaccines, to one year. Could organizations coercing COVID-19 vaccines become liable for adverse injuries caused?

“You’re not going to have an attorney representing you. You’re just going to fill out a form. They’re going to look at your medical records, not a judge, just some administrator, and if they don’t think your injury was caused by the vaccine, that’s the end. There’s no appeal or any way to bring expert witnesses, which is what we’d do in regular vaccine court,” said Anne Toale, an attorney. “anyone with a history of allergic reactions to Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), should not get Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Hundreds of persons have been sent to the emergency room after getting COVID-19 vaccines. Thousands of people self-reported being unable to work or perform daily activities, or required care from a health care professional, after COVID-19  vaccinations. Hundreds Sent to Emergency Rooms After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines January 2021

Despite vaccination success, Hungary sets daily record COVID deaths. By Euronews with AP and AFP   01/04/2021

Israel: 4 Dead, Hundreds Infected With COVID-19, and Dozens Needed Medical Attention After Receiving the Pfizer mRNA Vaccine. January 2021

13 Israelis suffer FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid jab, but NO LINK to vaccination found. January 2021

Thousands of Israelis test POSITIVE for Covid-19 despite receiving Pfizer/BioNTech jab  Jan 2021.  In Israel, a 23 year old man developed rare life-threatening MIS and two elderly persons died within hours following an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.  Dr. Mevorach advised care in vaccination of people who “were sick with coronavirus in the past”.

75-year-old Israeli man dies 2 hours after getting Covid-19 vaccine. December 2020.

75-year-old Israeli woman found lifeless hours after second dose of Covid-19 vaccine. January 2021.

88-year-old dies hours after vaccine; doctors stress he was seriously ill Hospital says deceased, who collapsed at home, had a long history of health ailments. December 2020

Coronavirus Canada Updates: Seven Quebecers test positive for COVID-19 despite first vaccination By christopher January 14, 2021

In the UK, reports of massive nursing home deaths following injections of experimental mRNA COVID shots, with one nursing home reporting over one third of their residents dying after receiving mRNA vaccine injections. Earlier, the National Health Service warned people "with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicine or food" should not be given the COVID-19 vaccine developed by U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Germany's BioNTech.

24 Residents Dead in 3 Weeks as One Third of UK Nursing Home Residents Die After Experimental mRNA COVID Injections 

24 Dead and 137 Infected in Nursing Home After COVID-19 Vaccination – Previously, They Had ZERO Deaths from Covid  January 2021. In what may be antibody dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming in January, 24 COVID deaths and 137 COVID infections occurred within 2 weeks of 1st Pfizer vaccine shot in a New York Nursing home that previously had zero COVID-19 deaths.

U.K. warns against giving Pfizer vaccine to people prone to severe allergic reactions. By Tucker Reals. December 2020

In Portugal, a healthy 41 year old mother died 2 days after receiving a COVID-19 shot.  By Celia Farber  January 2021

Norway Raises Concern Over Vaccine Jabs for the Elderly By Lars Erik Taraldsen  January 2021

Norway investigates 23 deaths in frail elderly patients after the first Pfizer vaccination  BMJ 2021; 372 doi: January 2021

China Health Experts Call for Suspension of COVID Vaccines as Norway Investigates 33 Deaths, Germany Probes 10 Deaths

Norwegian Medicines Agency links 13 deaths to vaccine side effects. Those who died were frail and old. February 2021.

Norwegian Medicines Agency: Two new patients have died of blood clots after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine. March 2021.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is aware that 23 people in Norway died after being vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech jab against coronavirus. January 2021

In tiny Gibraltar, where only 16 persons had previously died of COVID-19 during the pandemic, the death toll sky-rocketed to 43 by January 17, after 5,847 persons received their first dose of the experimental Pfizer vaccine beginning January 9. By January 23, 59 COVID deaths had occurred, more than tripling Gibraltar’s total COVID-19 deaths.  Coincidence? ‘Devastating’ weekend as Gibraltar loses 13 people in two days to Covid-19 January 2021

A British A400M Atlas transport aircraft has delivered the first doses of the Pfizer COVID19 vaccine to Gibraltar. January 2021

In Mexico as of Jan. 22, six persons were still hospitalized due to adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine. Many elderly people died within a few days to two weeks after getting the COVID vaccine. Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 vaccine. January 2021

In Spain, all 78 residents at a nursing home in Madrid tested positive for COVID-19 after being given their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and at least seven people died.

A Chinese virologist advised elderly people, especially those with underlying conditions, not to take mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer’s, as it could induce their condition and worsen their health.

There have been many severe allergic reactions to COVID vaccines, including a British woman's feet were destroyed by a "severe adverse reaction" in a C-vax trial and she cannot walk now. Researchers believe the allergic reactions to the Pfizer vaccine are caused by polyethylene glycol, or PEG.

Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood disorders at Johns Hopkins University, told the New York Times Tuesday that he believes “it is a medical certainty” that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine caused the death of Dr. Gregory Michael.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory, states that the drive for a universal vaccine has 'the whiff of evil' which he 'will oppose … vigorously.' FDA officials ignored input from outside experts.” Many doctors are recommending against forcing COVID-19 vaccinations. Furthermore, the CDC may be under-reporting allergic reactions to the Moderna vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine News

Doctor’s Death After Covid Vaccine Is Being Investigated February 2021

A Few Covid Vaccine Recipients Developed a Rare Blood Disorder February 2021.  A link to the vaccines is not certain, and investigations are underway in some reported cases.

 Re: Urgent warning re Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths in the elderly and Care Homes

Doctors suspect COVID delayed immune response in young surgeon’s death By Jane Roberts, Daily Memphian. February 2021

Scientists Eye Potential Culprit Behind Covid-19 Vaccine Allergic Reactions. Researchers think polyethylene glycol, or PEG, could be responsible. December 2020.

Patient claims ‘adverse event’ in AstraZeneca Covid trial in India  Mayank Aggarwal. November 2020

Metro healthcare worker describes severe allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine. January 2021

The Never-Ending Plandemic: How Many Doses of Vaccine Will Be Pushed for Every New Coronavirus Mutation?  February 2021

88-year-old dies hours after vaccine; doctors stress he was seriously ill. December 2020

Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor. January 2021.

Young Man Develops ‘Rare life Threatening Syndrome’ after Covid-19 Vaccine

'Side-effects of second dose of vaccine are even worse than from the first dose'. Top coronavirus official warns that second dose of COVID vaccine tends to cause even worse side-effects than first dose. January 2021.

Doctor’s Death After Covid Vaccine Is Being Investigated. A Florida physician developed an unusual blood disorder shortly after he received the Pfizer vaccine. January 2021.

Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood disorders at Johns Hopkins University, told the New York Times Tuesday that he believes “it is a medical certainty” that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine caused the death of Dr. Gregory Michael.

Unexpected String of Allergic Reactions Causes Delays at ‘Vaccination Super Station' Near Petco Park. January 2021

A Nursing Home had Zero Coronavirus Deaths. Then, It Vaccinates Residents for Coronavirus and the Deaths Begin. by Adam Dick. January 2021

Covid-19 outbreak at Auburn nursing home infects 137 residents, kills 24. January 2021

FDA Investigates Allergic Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine After More Healthcare Workers Hospitalized. December 2020. The FDA is investigating allergic reactions in “multiple states.” The agency acknowledged the reactions may have been caused by PEG, a compound in the Pfizer vaccine.

A slideshow presentation compiled by the FDA in October contains an extensive list of possible side effects which are to be monitored in conjunction with administering a COVID-19 vaccine. December 2020

Patient claims ‘adverse event’ in AstraZeneca Covid trial in India. Mayank Aggarwal.  November 2020

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials showed ‘severe’ side effects, ‘fever and aches’ The company claims its shot is ‘90% effective’ and will be available to the public soon, but serious questions about the vaccine's safety remain.  Nov 2020

The reporting sensitivity of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for anaphylaxis and for Guillain-Barré syndrome. [VAERS Under-reporting-factor]. November 2020. 10.1016/j.vaccine.2020.09.072  Results VAERS sensitivity for capturing anaphylaxis after seven different vaccines ranged from 13 to 76%; sensitivity for capturing GBS after three different vaccines ranged from 12 to 64%. For anaphylaxis, VAERS captured 13–27% of cases after the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine, 13% of cases after influenza vaccine, 21% of cases after varicella vaccine, 24% of cases after both the live attenuated zoster and quadrivalent human papillomavirus (4vHPV) vaccines, 25% of cases after the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and 76% of cases after the 2009 H1N1 inactivated pandemic influenza vaccine.

Did CDC Deliberately Mislead Public on Allergic Reactions to Moderna Vaccine? January 2021. The CDC had more accurate and up-to-date data that it could have used to calculate the rate of severe allergic reactions to Moderna’s COVID vaccine — why didn’t it?

On Jan. 13, California health officials issued a hold on 330,000 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine after “fewer than 10” people at San Diego’s Petco Park stadium vaccine clinic suffered allergic reactions to the vaccine. Santa Clara County officials lifted the hold on the vaccine lot in question on Jan. 21.

One day later, on Jan. 22, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a Morbidity Mortality Weekly “early release” report on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. For the report, the CDC used data reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) between Dec. 21, 2020  – Jan. 10, 2021 to investigate cases of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction, following injections of Moderna’s vaccine.

The CDC’s choice to use VAERS data to calculate the rate of anaphylaxis associated with Moderna’s vaccine is idiosyncratic and troubling. Why?

A U.S. Vaccine Surge Is Coming, With Millions of Doses Promised + More.  The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines on COVID-19 and vaccines.

Deaths of Elderly Who Recovered From COVID-19, but Died After Vaccine, Raise Questions February 2021

Death by Coincidence? By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. January 2021. Declarations by health officials and vaccine makers that deaths and injuries following COVID vaccinations are unrelated coincidences are becoming a pattern. They’re also depriving people of the information they need to make informed decisions. 

Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Expert on Vaccines: Current Outlook on 2021!  40,000 vaccine adverse events in 30 days, 5000 neurological reactions, in 30 days,…

Metro healthcare worker describes severe allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine Jan 2021

Young Man Develops ‘Rare life Threatening Syndrome’ after Covid-19 Vaccine  January 2021

Swiss nursing home resident reportedly dies after COVID-19 vaccine The link between the COVID-19 jab and the resident's death is "highly unlikely," the drugs regulator said. By REUTERS    DECEMBER 2020

Hamilton PSW says allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine led to fainting, seizures and CPR Dec 30, 2020

Unexpected String of Allergic Reactions Causes Delays at ‘Vaccination Super Station' Near Petco Park. The "Vaccination Super Station" opened on Jan. 11 with a goal to immunize 5,000 health care workers daily as San Diego County and California work to ramp up coronavirus vaccinations. By NBC 7 Staff and Jackie Crea January 2021

Vaccine trial FAILURE: Second AstraZeneca COVID-19 volunteer develops rare neurological condition

Facebook posts provide evidence of link between COVID vaccinations and deaths Users of the social media platform have pointed to posts from people who received the vaccine and then perished. Feb 22, 2021

France considers slowing vaccine rollout for hospital staff, with many unable to work following jab In the university hospital of Brest in Brittany, during the first week of the vaccine rollout, 20 to 25 percent of the recipients of the vaccine had to stop work because of influenza symptoms including bad headaches, high fever and sore muscles. Feb 22, 2021

A Blog: Adverse COVID Vaccine Reactions and Who to Blame January 2021

Other Newsworthy but Censored-out Examples of Vaccine Injuries and Vaccine Failures that the Big Pharma/CDC-controlled Mainstream Media Refuses to Publish by Gary G. Kohls, MD from The Vaccine Reaction . org Risk Failure Reports.


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