"Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" or "Pandemic of the Vaccinated"? What is your Definition of "Vaccinated"?

Jessica Rose did the same calculations with and without using the US CDC's fraudulent definition of "vaccination" using 2021 Swedish data, showing that it turns the narrative on its head from "pandemic of the Unvaccinated" into a "pandemic of the "Vaccinated". (The US does not record vaccine status of deaths, so it is not possible to do the calculation based on US data.)

By fraudulently labeling persons as "UNvaccinated" who are partially vaccinated or who were injected a couple of weeks ago, the US CDC presents a false picture of the effectiveness and safety of Covid-19 "vaccines" as Jessica Rose, on May 22, 2022 showed in her substack article using Swedish data noting "The biggest and most obvious whoopsie is the inversion of the entire conclusion which, ... makes their efficacy claims completely backwards."  Here is the Swedish data.   The percentage of Swedish persons "vaccinated in February and March was only 3% and 6%. January is ignored because it contains data prior to January when no one was "vaccinated", according to Swedish authorities.

Swedish Death Data by Covid injection Status for 2021
2021 Swedish mortality numbers by Covid-19 injection status

The two charts below compare (1st chart) monthly death rates by "vaccination" status when all injected deaths in columns G2 + G3 are fraudulently relabeled "UNvaccinated", versus (2nd chart) when when all the injected in columns G2 + G3 + G4 are accurately counted as "vaccinated" and the never-injected as "unvaccinated":

  1. percentage of "vaccinated" are shown in yellow
  2. death rate for "unvaccinated" are shown in blue
  3. death rate for "vaccinated" are shown in orange


Comparison of outcomes when many of the Covid-19 "vaccinated" are fraudulently labeled "UNvaccinated" versus when "vaccine" status is accurately shown
Comparison of death rates by vaccine status when
(Top Chart) vast majority of Covid-19 "vaccinated" individuals are fraudulently labeled as "UNvaccinated"
[as the US CDC does] versus
(Botton Chart) when "vaccine" status is accurately reported.

Note: A large part of the problem, as Jessica's analysis of the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) shows, is that many persons die within weeks after their 1st or 2nd Covid-19 injections with Covid-like symptoms.  See Adverse Events & Deaths Reported to VAERS after mRNA COVID-19 injection by age and dose number