The War Against the Best Doctors: Why are US Doctors, Nurses, and Staff being Fired From Hospitals?

August 2, 2022. Dr. Peter McCullough says medical establishment has threatened ‘disciplinary action’ over COVID stance. ‘They are attacking the doctors who are the leaders in helping American people,’ Dr. McCullough said.

July 5, 2022. ​Dr. Pierre Kory: Stop the War on Doctors​. ​The certifying board for Internal Medicine is going after doctors who dare to think differently​    ​Dr. Kory notes:

Despite government mandates, neither lockdowns nor cloth masks prevent transmission. They never have. It turns out former Surgeon General Jerome Adams had it right when he tweeted in March 2020 that masks are: “NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus” – a comment for which he was pilloried. We are only beginning to learn the impact of the societal costs of these early preventative measures, a price our children who were kept home from school will be paying for years.

Second, there is no evidence the vaccines stop Covid-19, despite the constant lecturing from the Biden Administration and the mainstream media. In the United States and globally, cases continue to rise and fall without any correlation to the pace or percentage of population vaccinated. This is not what we were promised. In 2021, Fauci said vaccinated people were “dead ends” for the virus, and President Biden declared, “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” Today, approximately 110,000 cases are announced daily in America, where more than two thirds of the population is fully vaccinated.

There is a backlash brewing in America right now, and it goes beyond inflation rates and gas prices. People are tired of arrogant public officials and compromised institutions who believe they have all the answers but constantly get it wrong and make no apologies as they steamroll those who don’t support the current narrative….

US Hospitals are not short bed space, they are short *staffed* bed spaceDoctors, nurses, and staff are being fired from hospitals because they:

  1. did not adhere to EUA Covid "vaccine" mandates required for hospitals to receive federal Medicare funds;
  2. gave Covid patients lifesaving drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine; or refused to follow the murderous CDC recommendations to use remdesivir that causes multiple organ failure and death or failed to intubate patients, as required by the PREP Act for hospitals to have liability immunity for Covid treatment, and receive lucrative federal payments; and
  3. can be replaced with artificial intelligence systems that will adhere to lucrative and harmful US Center for Disease Control recommended hospital protocols.

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In 2022

May 19, 2022. Covid Truths: Unprecedented Attacks on Doctors and Scientific Experts

May 18, 2022​ ​Missouri Bill Prevents Doctors Being Disciplined If They Prescribe Ivermectin Or Hydroxychloroquine  ​vote in the House of 130-4 to send it to the Governor for signing.​  ​Missouri seems to have an unusually well informed House of Representatives. [KD: Finally after 2+ years, some US state legislators are passing laws to stop pharmaceutically-captured medical boards from stripping doctors licenses for saving patient lives!]

16 May 2022. Alberta is lacking full-time qualified Paramedics. Maybe the ones who got fired for not being injected should be re-hired? Just a suggestion.  Alberta EMS union says system on the verge of collapse.

3 February 2022.  Tower Health doctor fired following allegations she prescribed ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID [Update]. Dr. Edith Behr worked at Pottstown and Phoenixville hospitals.

4 February 2022. Doctor fired after allegedly prescribing ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine

18 January 2022. Medicine under Attack: A Conversation with Dr. Meryl Nass. Dr. Nass had her license suspended for "misinformation"

Doctor accused of prescribing unproven COVID-19 treatments fired by Pa. hospital

8 January 2022. Supporters rally for Isernia, doctor who was dismissed from hospital

28 March 2022. Doctor fired from ER warns about effect of for-profit firms on U.S. health care. A doctor fired after criticizing care at the ER he ran said execs are focused on the financial outcome, “and the outcome is ‘Hey, we’re making money.’”

28 March 2022. Doctor fired from ER warns about effect of for-profit firms on U.S. health care

10 January 2022 UK. Covid: Hospital boss admits they may lose staff over compulsory vaccines


In 2021

13 December 2021. Doctors complain of Leonora Hospital being ‘severely short staffed’ -RHO disputes claim saying hospital ‘adequately staffed’

7 December 2021. Doctors are being forced to use ‘toxic medication’ to treat COVID: Respiratory specialist

6 December 2021. MS hospital fires doctor, anti-vaccine leader for treating COVID patients with ivermectin

7 October 2021. Fired Piedmont ER doc explains why he refused vaccine mandate "What I’m saying is if the intention of the vaccine mandate is to prevent transmission of disease from a healthcare worker to the patient population, then the vaccines aren’t going to achieve that."

Dems Have Answer to Doctors Being Chased out of Hospitals Because of Vaccine Mandates: Use the National Guard

6 September 2021. Whistleblower Nurse: Hospitals Are Full Of Vaccinated Patients, Official Narrative is A Lie. Is the 'Pandemic of the Unvaccinated' a complete fabrication? Why?

19 November 2021 Vaccinated Doctors are Dying and Unvaccinated Doctors are Quitting or Being Fired: Who will Run the Hospitals?

2 November 2021. Artificial Intelligence Could Be About To Replace Your Doctor. FN Media Group Presents Market Commentary

30 September 2021. Hundreds of hospital staffers fired or suspended for refusing COVID-19 vaccine mandate. President Biden announced a vaccine mandate for the health care industry.

Can Doctors Truly Be Replaced By Technology?

Unvaccinated employees at Toronto hospital network told they will be fired

18 August 2021. Critical Nursing Shortages Hit Hospitals Nationwide as Nurses Quit or are Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

29 June 2021. Nurses protest Methodist hospital after over 150 lose jobs for refusing COVID-19 vaccine

20 June 2021. Nurse fired for refusing COVID vaccine: 'We worked so hard...and they're kicking us to the curb'. More than 150 workers have resigned or were fired from Houston Methodist Hospital

15 June 2021. Can AI Replace Doctors? Discover 5 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Healthcare

12 June 2021. In first federal ruling on vaccine mandates, judge sides with Houston hospital, dismissing claims from staff resisters

In 2020

31 March  2020 Hospitals Tell Doctors They’ll Be Fired If They Talk to Press

29 April 2020. Physicians Say Hospitals Are Pressuring ER Docs to List COVID-19 on Death Certificates. Here’s Why.  The economic incentive to add COVID-19 to diagnostic lists and death certificates is clear and does not require any conspiracy.

25 April 2020. These Health Care Workers Spoke Out. Their Hospitals Fired Them.  Doctors and nurses say drawing attention to urgent needs and hospital conditions is the only way to force change and save lives. But it could cost them their jobs.

21 April 2020. The Reason Hospitals Won’t Let Doctors and Nurses Speak Out. I know what it’s like to face a gag order after calling attention to life-threatening problems.

Hospitals Must Let Doctors and Nurses Speak Out. Nicholas Christakis says that “clamping down on people who are speaking is a kind of idiocy of the highest order.”

15 April 2020. Two Mississippi doctors fired after speaking out about coronavirus safety

31 March 2020. Hospitals threatening to fire workers for speaking out about coronavirus shortages: report

An ER Doctor Lost His Job After Criticizing His Hospital On COVID-19. Now He's Suing

 Replacing Medical Doctors by Artificial Intelligence

The Proposal: AI for Diagnostics, Drug Development, Treatment Personalisation and Gene Editing ... The more we digitize and unify our medical data, the more we can use AI to help us find valuable patterns – patterns we can use to make accurate, cost-effective decisions in complex analytical processes.

IBM's Watson recommended 'unsafe and incorrect' cancer treatments, STAT report finds IBM's Watson supercomputer, once hailed as a revolutionary cancer treatment tool, reportedly gave physicians inaccurate cancer treatment advice, and company medical specialists and customers reported "multiple examples of unsafe and incorrect treatment recommendations," according to internal IBM documents reviewed by STAT.  Here are 10 things to know: ...


Note: AI program algorithms are entirely determined by the people who program, regulate, and purchase them; may be required to conform to the recommendations of corrupt pharmaceutically-captured public agencies and are unlikely to identify or devise methods to treat the new health conditions caused by the profitable treatments they recommended; and may injure and kill patients with experimental new treatments they may be programmed to prescribe.  Removing independent medical practitioners from the process of medicine could have dire consequences.