CVS, RiteAid Pharmacy Locations refusing to fill Outpatient Prescriptions for COVID Patients!

What Medical Practitioners are Saying About Many CVS and RiteAID Locations Refusing to Fill Prescriptions for Outpatient COVID treatment

Missouri. CVS. Refused to fill stating it is CVS national policy NOT to fill any outpatient COVID therapy. Ask me what the diagnosis was and I refused to disclose. They said: Won't make any difference we won't fill it anyway for anything that is outpatient COVID care. I have had other CVS refuse as well...
California. I refuse to tell them a diagnosis, and when they say it's corporate policy to refuse to fill it for COVID, I remind them that I don't have to give them any diagnosis.  The patient will be paying for the medication and it will not be processed on insurance. I also ask them to spell their name and I look it up while we are on the phone.  I remind them that this is an FDA approved medication and there are no restrictions on it.  Then I ask them to send me a written refusal to fill by fax as well as a copy of the corporate policy.  I then say, "I'm just confirming that your Pharmacy Board of CA license number is XXXXXX.  Do you also have a medical license because it kind of sounds to me like you're practicing medicine without a license."  They put me on hold and then magically, oh, the prescription is only for 15 tabs?  Oh we can give them that.
Unfortunately, the last couple times I have sent an HCQ or IVM rx to CVS and called to be sure they have it in stock, they have told me that they are out.  I find this very hard to believe.  Perhaps it's their new strategy to try to deny care without subjecting themselves to lawsuits.

Suggested Responses to CVS and RightAID's Refusal to Fill Prescriptions for Out-patient COVID medicines?

This refusal to honor legitimate prescriptions is a breach of a pharmacist’s duty, and they and their employer should be held accountable with the State Licensing Board, Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General, State Pharmacy Board and State Pharmaceutical Association.  Federally, there is a violation of additional statutes and potentially regulatory agencies involved in interstate commerce.  I’m no attorney, but I do know that Citizens have many remedies to hold providers to account.  Again, more experts here in the group may be able to share specific success stories.

If multiple patients file regulatory complaints, it can potentially trigger stripping of liability coverage for the professional and the business entity involved.  At the very least it will make them look bad.  Furthermore, raising public awareness against business refusing to honor legal prescriptions is bad for their business.  The whole concept of customer service has been thrown in the same dumpster fire as civil rights, the Constitution, human rights, privacy rights, and all other freedoms the USA People have held dear for centuries.
AFLDS legal team is collecting plaintiffs in class action against pharmacies who won’t fill prescriptions.
I will sometimes tell the patients and/or their families to get the pharmacist name and tell them should anything happen to the patient such as hospitalization or death they will be held responsible for denying treatment for injury and or death in denying a possible life saving or health care treatment which may have prevented their continued demise.

It is to bad in today's world the first person called in not the medical profession but rather your attorney!  You need to take your attorney to the pharmacy, your physician office, and hospital.  Never as a physician did I expect to make such a statement.
We need to have our own notarized and preprinted affidavits serving legal notice at the point of service prepared in advance.  Nothing scares the dickens out of a business more than getting served legal notice on the spot. 
 The ART OF MEDICINE is to treat every human as a unique life, and ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.  The challenge to doctors has always been to be able to critically think for ourselves to DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE PATIENT IN FRONT OF US.  Having a rigid adherence to protocols for dosing will overtreat some and undertreat others.
The medical profession has always been about what is best for the individual patient, not some overall bureaucratic policy.  Robbing physicians of the freedom and duty to think for themselves for their patient has made all the cost of time, money, and quality of life training to be a waste of time.  Might as well have a vending machine dispense drugs and close down all the medical schools and residency programs.  Just use robots.
Our message should be simply “early treatment with medications that have been FDA approved for decades”

It must not be every CVS.     

Walgreens in TN appears to be still filling prescriptions for COVID out-patient treatments.  [note: however, other Walgreens around the country are refusing to fill any prescriptions for IVM or HCQ.]

A criminal complaint with a good Law Enforcement unit against CVS or RiteAID could make a difference.  
The factual assertions and supporting exhibits are intended to establish Probable Cause to believe the Defendants have and are committing, including conspiracy to commit, Genocide and other Crimes Against Humanity as defined in the Complaint. Each state or jurisdiction will have its own Rules of Criminal Procedure that outline the methodology for filing this Complaint. This is a model form Criminal Complaint and it is free and available for use by anyone in any jurisdiction. It can be used as the basis for crafting your own Private Criminal Complaint. The legal requirements for filing such a Complaint in any state or local jurisdiction are all included in this form. It is designed to fulfill the broadest requirements based upon the legal concept of Universal Jurisdiction. ... Universal Jurisdiction allows for the filing of this Complaint in any law enforcement agency with powers to investigate and prosecute felonies, including but not limited to police departments, sheriff’s offices, district attorney’s offices, State Attorney General’s offices, State Bureaus of Investigations, federal law enforcement with broad prosecutorial powers (such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation)or even local courts and county clerksoffices. ...
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