COVID-19 Information

COVID-19.  The Virus, the Disease and its Spread, Prevention and Treatments

Censorship of Medical Doctors & Scientists re. COVID-19 Information

The Experimental COVID Vaccines

Many people seem to have no clue that the COVID "vaccines" are experimental; that these "vaccines" do not prevent infection or transmission; that these "vaccines" appear to make  those "vaccinated" likelier to shed more infectious forms of the virus, thereby endangering the unvaccinated, and to contract more serious COVID cases when exposed to a similar wild virus; that excess death rates have been spiking since the "vaccination" programs started; that young people and college students are at very little risk of falling seriously ill if they should catch COVID-19; or that there are inexpensive and effective remedies if they should catch COVID-19, which obviates the need for "vaccines". MCM

The Experimental PCR Tests

Non-Medical and Medical Experimental Mandates

COVID-19 Data Sources


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