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Why are US Doctors, Nurses, and Staff Being Fired From Hospitals?

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COVID-19.  The Virus, the Disease and its Spread, Prevention and Treatments

Propaganda, Misinformation & Censorship of COVID-19 Information

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COVID vaccination rollouts Increase COVID death rates worldwide
75% of countries have Higher COVID death rates
after COVID Vaccine Rollout

Consider this plot comparing each country's pre and post-COVID vaccine rollouts:

(1) if the COVID vaccines were effective all the points representing countries should appear below the 45 degree line (have fewer COVID deaths) The fact that most of the countries are above the 45 degree line (have higher COVID death rates post-vaccine-rollout) is consistent with vaccines causing increased COVID death rates;
(2) since the post-vaccine immune escape variants milder on average (hospitalizations go down as the share of Delta and Omicron rises), if anything, countries would have lower reported COVID death rates post vaccination rollouts without any effect of the vaccines (data is consistent with vaccines causing increased COVID death rates);
(3) Some countries having no COVID death rate increases since the COVID vaccine rollouts began their rollouts later or have lower vaccination rates (data is consistent with vaccines causing increased COVID death rates);
(4) The earliest rollouts began in December 2020. The numbers to the right of each country label is its increase (positive) or decrease (negative) difference between its average 30-day post - pre vaccine rollout COVID death rate.

28 Lies and 16 Fraudulent Tactics used by US "Health" Agencies - The Consequences

Corruption & Law-breaking by Health Regulatory Organizations, Big Pharma and Media

Corruption of Some Academic Journals by Pharmaceutical Interests

COVID-19 Investigational Vaccines Are Vaccines Safe and Effective? Yes or No. The Mandates are Pointless.

FDA authorization letters for COVID-19 vaccines express that the vaccines are each “an investigational vaccine not licensed for any indication” and require “all promotional material relating to the COVID-19 Vaccine clearly and conspicuously … state that this product has not been approved or licensed by the FDA.”  

The Experimental PCR Tests

COVID-19 Data & Information Sources

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Reported deaths from COVID vaccines compared to deaths from all other vaccines.
VAERS analysis of COVID versus
Non-COVID vaccine Deaths